It is critical for Modere and Social Marketers to remain true to the Modere brand values, including being authentic, humble and compassionate. For that reason, Social Marketers are not permitted to make inappropriate income or lifestyle claims. Modere wish to support your efforts to post on the Modere Opportunity in a manner that is compliant with your Modere Social Marketer Agreement.  For that purpose, a new document is available to you in the Media/Basic Work Documents section of your Shifting Retail Back Office:  Opportunity Related Posts Guidance.  For more information and guidance, also read up on article 4.31.1 of the current Modere Europe Policies and Procedures available below, our Good Business Practices guide and view the Modere LIFE Training video “A Guide to Making Claims”. If you have any questions, please send us an email at compliance@modere.eu.

Modere Europe Policies and Procedures


In their enthusiasm to sponsor prospective Social Marketers, some Social Marketers are occasionally tempted to make income claims or earnings representations to demonstrate the inherent power of network marketing. This is counterproductive because new Social Marketers may become disappointed very quickly if their results are not as extensive or as rapid as the results others have achieved. Moreover, several countries have laws or regulations that restrict or even prohibit certain types of income claims and testimonials made by persons engaged in network marketing.  Therefore, Social Marketers may not make income projections, income claims, representations, or disclose their Modere income or the income of any other Modere Social Marketer (including the showing of commission statements, copies of statements, bank statements, or tax records).