Get ready to experience Modere in a riveting new way!

XMONE is an exciting programme created to recognize new Social Marketers who hit the ground running with Modere. By meeting specific goals in their first full month, new Social Marketers can earn a Modere Experience of their choice, which is the best way to reward yourself for getting off to the best possible start in your Modere business!

Plus, Social Marketers who earn a Modere Experience will also be recognized on our monthly recognition calls. Who doesn’t like a little recognition for their awesome work?

To qualify for a Modere Experience worth 300€/£275 within their first full calendar month, new Social Marketers must:

  • Enroll with an XM Launch Collection (or achieve 250 AP in their enrolling month)
  • Qualify as Silver
  • Enroll 3 with 100 MP
  • Achieve Team Leader

Help your new Social Marketers align their goals to qualify for the XMONE programme and get off to a great start.



New Social Marketers are allowed one full calendar month from their join date to meet the XMONE requirements and be eligible for a Modere Experience. For example, if a Social Marketer joins on October 1st, they will have all of October and November to meet the requirements.

Social Marketers who enroll with an XM Launch collection are automatically eligible to earn a Modere Experience on fulfilling the qualification criteria.

Social Marketers who do not join with an XM Launch Collection can still be eligible to earn a Modere Experience when they achieve 250 Activity Points in their first qualification month with Modere.

Enroll 3 with 100 MP is satisfied by enrolling three new Social Marketers who purchase a minimum of 100 MP on their first order in their first calendar month. Enrollment and order date must be within the same calendar month to qualify.


Modere Experience earners may choose between the following two options:

  1. Shopping spree (300€/£275 gift card to preferred retail store)
  2. 250€/£225 Cash Out (to be paid out with commission payment)

XM Experience earners will be notified after the close of the respective month the requirements have been satisfied in. If not redeemed in 30 days, qualifiers will automatically receive the cash-out option. Limit one Modere Experience per Social Marketer account through the Modere XMONE programme. Stacking and bonus buying is prohibited.


  1. The promoter is Modere Europe BV, Telecomlaan 9 (B5), 1831 Diegem, Belgium.
  2. The Modere XMONE Promotion is a temporary business promotion and is not a permanent component of the Modere Compensation Plan.
  3. The promotion is valid from April 4th 2022 up to and including December 31st 2022.
  4. The promotion is open to all Social Marketers based in one of the European countries supported by Modere Europe.
  5. A Social Marketer being considered for the XMONE bonus must be commission qualified in the given bonus month.
  6. The bonus is not retroactive for new Social Marketers. The Social Marketers will start earning the reward in the month they become eligible.
  7. The XMONE Programme qualifiers may choose a Shopping Giftcard with maximum value of 300€/£275 or opt for a cash out valued at 250€/£225
  8. The XMONE Bonus earned as part of this promotion will be awarded around the 20th of the month following the month for which the reward was earned. If a cash out is selected, this will be paid into the same bank account as listed in your Social Marketer account for the payment of the commission of the qualifier.
  9. The earnings as part of this promotion are not transferable, either in whole or in part.
  10. Modere will disqualify volume from a duplicate account.
  11. The value of the Modere XMONE programme reward will be reported on the annual Social Marketer Tax document
  12. Winners will be notified by email.
  13. Modere reserves the right to publish and use your pictures and profile in Memos, the Modere Website, Blog and other media used by Modere to promote its business.
  14. Any individual qualification may only be counted once
  15. By participating in the Modere XMONE Programme, you fully and unconditionally acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  16. The promotion may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice by Modere.
  17. Modere reserves the right to withhold a payment in case of questionable adherence to the Promotional Rules of Engagement and corresponding Terms & Conditions.
  18. Rules and requirements in this document are subject to change without notification.

Statutory warning: It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.