XM Launch Collections

The XM Launch Collections are designed to help new Social Marketers experience Modere right from the start! The specially curated collections offer great incentives to allow all new Social Marketers to take part in the XM Launch Programme.

There are a number of reasons to purchase an XM Collection including:

  • Free Starter Kit
  • Free Drink Flask
  • Discount* versus full prices

It gets even better. With one of these in a first order, a new Social Marketer becomes eligible for the XM Launch Programme. The Social Marketer must then achieve all of the following criteria during the within the two consecutive calendar months (inclusive of the month that they purchased a XM Collection) in order to qualify for an XM Launch award.

  • Enroll three (3) Social Marketers each with a minimum of 100 MP.
  • Qualify as a Silver Promoter.
  • Achieve Team Leader Rank.

When all of the criteria above have been achieved then depending on the XM Collection option purchased participants will be able to earn the following rewards.

So make sure you promote the XM Collections and XM Launch Programme to every new Social Marketer you introduce and get them off to a great start!

*Versus normal individual product regular price.