As you all know, the DISRUPT 2019 Social Retail Conference is coming up in March. But why are we so passionate for you to DISRUPT?

As a company we all know that we are creating and sharing innovative products, shaking up the world of self-care and breaking into new homes. It’s this energy that we want to bring to the event. Remember, we are dynamic and passionate leaders who like to push the frontiers to reach our goal of making 10 million homes better. And that’s exactly what DISRUPT is about! Instead of seeing it negatively, we believe that the world we live in needs to be disrupted to become more conscious and caring.

So as we continue to innovate, set new trends and change the status quo, we disrupt what we believe needs to be broken, so it can be built up again, and better. So, keep being eccentric if it brings smiles, keep getting ahead of the game if it brings positive change, keep being loud if it turns heads and keep sharing the Love if it brings happiness.

In keeping with this wave of disruption, we’ve decided to switch-it up this year at the SRC. Let’s bring some of that cool, sporty and stylish Modere swag and get dressed-down for the day. Bring out your most fabulous trainers, your trendiest trackies and your classiest sports jackets and caps. It’s all about bringing-out your inner fitness-chic.  And as always at Modere, we want you to go all out. We’re hoping to see some high-heeled sneakers and bejewelled sports leggings or some cool caps and giant sports watches during the day. Because being active is what we believe in.

Then, when the sky goes dark, and the evening takes over, we want to see you DISRUPT the night by turning into your most dazzling self. Think lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous. Bring out your most ravishing dress or suits and show us your inner Cinderella/Cinderello. Need some inspiration? Head to our SRC 2019 Pinterest© page.

Our SRC event will bring you the tools, the inspiration and that special feeling that will remind you why you are part of this new wave of Disrupters and lifestyle-makers. If you haven’t got your tickets yet, then head to Eventbrite >>>>