Are you ready to join us for the 2022 Social Retail Conference? We’re looking forward to welcoming you to this year’s event, which has the theme: ACCELERATE.


Because we continue to ACCELERATE our momentum through 2022 and beyond, challenging and empowering Social Marketers around the globe to:

  • Accelerate your growth

  • Accelerate your confidence

  • Accelerate your leadership

  • Accelerate your commitment to live clean

  • Accelerate your engagement with your community

  • Accelerate your vision for a cleaner and brighter world


To represent this inspirational theme, we have chosen water as our natural element.

Because water is transformative. A powerful symbol of fluidity and motion, water holds the potential of untold wonders beneath its depths.

Water is essential for life, and even in a slow trickle, it can carve intricate canyons over centuries. But in large volumes, harnessed by the gravity of the moon, water has the power to travel great distances in a short period of time, gain incredible momentum and move mountains.

And yet, water that remains stagnant may accumulate unwanted debris and disease.

No matter what form it may take, moving from solid to liquid to vapor and back again, it is the nature of water to keep flowing, adapting and evolving.

When it is accelerating toward its destination, water is in its most vibrant and life-supporting state.

By following this example, we too can naturally accelerate toward our ultimate goal — to share our live clean message and leave the world a better place than it was when we arrived.


Spanning a spectrum from crystal clear to shimmering sea green to the deepest black, the varying shades of water evoke fluidity and motion, always shifting from darkness to light, ebbing and flowing.

  • White symbolizes the clarity of our position as a pioneer and leader in clean clinical consumer products.

  • Teal evokes confidence in our continued innovation, always accelerating toward the newest scientific discoveries.

  •  Black speaks to our depth of knowledge and experience, backed by multiple patents, industry recognition and third-party validations.

  • Deep Gray is a classic neutral that anchors the palette to add credibility.

  • The Gradient transitions from pale aqua to a deep turquoise, representing the continued evolution and growth of Modere as we flow and accelerate into the future with our unwavering commitment to be extraordinary.

Make sure you join us so that you too can ACCELERATE your mindset and business in 2022 and beyond.

Tickets are available on https://www.modere.eu/ and https://www.modere.co.uk/.