The last EU FLY-IN took place on 15th and 16th of June in Brussels. Our qualifiers enjoyed a couple of days of catching-up and presentations from the European corporate office. The atmosphere was of excitement and learning. A perfect combination to get our Social Marketers raring to put into place everything they learnt over the course of these two days. Here is a little information on what was prepared for them.

Saturday, we greeted the numerous qualifiers at the Thon hotel entrance, ready to bring them all to our Modere Europe offices. They were welcomed with a round of applause from the team to congratulate them for their hard work in building their business and maximising their sales over the course of the year. We gave them an in-depth tour of our offices where all the groundwork happens, to help them understand that they need only to worry about their business and not what goes on behind the scenes. We even introduced them to every one of our Modere Europe staff and the importance of their roles in making the Modere magic happen.

Ellie Fordham, our general manager made sure that everyone was welcomed regardless of their rank or title and was there to listen to all our qualifiers questions and queries. Indeed, at Modere we want to make sure that anything happening in the field is brought to our attention however small or big the issue.

We ended the day with a delicious spread at the Thon Hotel where our qualifiers were able to gather around with their teams and meet other teams to share their experience and tips. Once again Modere Staff and Social Marketers mixed and mingled, because there is no better way to communicate and get to know each other than over a nice meal.

After a Saturday of relaxation, we all gathered into the meeting room for a day of presentations and training from the Modere Europe Team. Our CEO, Asma Ishaq made a surprise appearance and shared a message especially for our qualifiers. The rest of our presentations were given by Ellie Fordham, our General Manager, Jonathan Betournay, our Marketing Manager, Ariane Bresse Bickley, our Operations Manager and all the members of the Social Marketer Success Team team. If you want to know more about these incredible individuals and how they help all of you in the field on a day to day basis, head to our Buzz blog to find out more.

And finally, we even had the opportunity of greeting one of our top Australian Leaders, who came all the way to Brussels to share her knowledge and train our qualifiers. If we can retain one vital point from her inspiring speech, is that each and everyone of our Social Marketers need to own their business. It’s not up to their uplines or anyone else to make them succeed. It’s up to them and them only. So are you ready to OWN your business? Are you ready to OWN your name? Are you ready to become the next Elite?! We are ready for you too !