In this time of crisis, Modere has been proud to partner with Social Marketers everywhere to reinforce our live clean message of hope. However, it is critical that Social Marketers in their enthusiasm do not neglect our company guidelines about product and income claims in their promotional communications.

As a reminder, Social Marketers are not permitted to make any medical or disease claims in regards to Modere products or services.  Income claims must not mislead and must include appropriate disclaimers when promoting Modere. Although we have specifically instructed Social Marketers to refrain from referencing COVID-19 and/or the coronavirus in their promotional communications, Modere has recently learned of non-compliant posts that are unacceptable and in violation of our policies and individual country advertising regulations.

If you have inadvertently made reference to the virus or pandemic in any of your promotional communications, please remove them immediately and avoid including these mentions in any future posts or communications. Historically, Modere has taken swift disciplinary action with Social Marketers who do not abide by our policy regarding non-compliant claims.

We remind you of your compulsory adherence to the Modere Social Marketer Policies and Procedures, and specifically:


In their enthusiasm to sponsor prospective Social Marketers, some Social Marketers are occasionally tempted to make income claims or earnings representations to demonstrate the inherent power of network marketing. This is counterproductive because new Social Marketers may become disappointed very quickly if their results are not as extensive or as rapid as the results others have achieved. Moreover, several countries have laws or regulations that restrict or even prohibit certain types of income claims and testimonials made by persons engaged in network marketing. Therefore, Social Marketers may not make income projections, income claims, representations, or disclose their Modere Modere Europe | Policies and Procedures | Rev. 4 | SEP 2019 page 24 of 36 income or the income of any other Modere Social Marketer (including the showing of commission statements, copies of statements, bank statements, or tax records).


No claims (including personal testimonials) as to therapeutic, curative, or beneficial properties of any products offered by Modere may be made except those contained in official Modere literature. In particular, no Social Marketer may make any claim that Modere products are useful in the cure, treatment, diagnosis, mitigation, or prevention of any diseases. Such statements can be perceived as medical or drug claims. Not only are such claims conflicting with Modere policies, but they potentially violate local laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, the EU Health Claims Regulation No. 1924/2006 and Regulation (EC) N° 1223/2009 on Cosmetic Products.

Additional guidance is available in the Modere Good Business Practices guidelines that can also be downloaded from the Social Marketer Back Office.

At Modere, we take our company policies as seriously as we do our brand values. Your cooperation is compulsory as we work together to uphold and protect our global brand’s integrity, quality and credibility through this challenging period.

Thank you for partnering with Modere in our live clean mission.

Yours sincerely,

Ellie Fordham
General Manager, Modere Europe