We’re excited to announce a favourable development in the way your rank/title volume values and commission earnings will be calculated through our Modere Europe Compensation Plan. This positive change will benefit many of our Social Marketers around Europe and aligns with both the Modere North America and Japan market.

Here are some details:

Firstly, the full points generated by any CP or MP order in your organisation (prior to discounts or application of Live Clean credits) will be used to calculate your rank/title and sometimes referred to as BV, Business Volume.

Secondly, the value of points associated with CP, MP and OP after any discounts and Live Clean Credits have been applied to a given order becomes CP/OP CV, known as Commissionable Volume (CV) and will be used to calculate all commission payouts.

A customer opens a Modere account and places a first order using her Share the Love referral link when purchasing a Body Transformation System (100 pts). As follows this is how the points are counted for the enrolling Social Marketer:

• Total points of the order before discount : 100 points = 100 CP (Counts for title qualification)
• Total points of the order with the STL discounted : 90 points = 90 CP CV (Points commissioned on)

As of October 19th, you will be able to clearly see the point distinction in the Business Snapshot widget in your shiftingretail Back Office, as demonstrated below.

500 CP = Bronze Qualification
400 CP CV = Points counting for commission
500 OP = Consultant Qualification
400 OP CV = Points counting for commission

What’s more, as of October 2022 when qualifying for the Bronze, Silver and Gold guaranteed minimum commission amounts, your CP CV will need to be 80% of the required CP for the associated title, as follows:

• Bronze – 500 CP (400 CV)
• Silver – 1000 CP (800 CV)
• Gold – 2000 CP (1600 CV)

In keeping with the official notification period, as stated in your Policies & Procedures, the change will go into effect as of October 2022 volume month, paid in November 2022.

Your Modere Europe Team