Top 5 reasons to qualify for the Modere Escape 2016

Well we had a quick think about it.  And we already came up with 5 great reasons.

  1. Location, Location, Location.

That is one good reason that bears repeating! Famous for its glamorous resorts such as Saint-Tropez and Cannes, the Côte d’Azur attracts the jet-setting elite from around the world. It’s a place of true Mediterranean magic from the scented vegetation, to the silver beaches, secluded islands and medieval villages. Whether cruising the cliff-top roads, enjoying the warmth of the Mediterranean sun or browsing for delights in a bustling market, the Côte d’Azur sums up the essence of France – sexy, sun-drenched and irresistibly seductive.

  1. A Room with a View

How can you resist when the shores of the South of France are beckoning? From a lofty Côte d’Azur perch above the Corniche d’Or, in Théoule-sur-Mer, the Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa’s balconies and terraces tumble down to a discreet private beach. The hotel’s spectacular sea views and the gentle sounds of waves lapping on the shore, an endless horizon of blue sky and azure sea are the backdrop for our Escape trip.

  1. Being with friends.

You already part of special elite, pioneering Social Retail.  At Escape you get to really enjoy being with those who are achieving their ambitions and driving them further.  It’s more than mixing with like-minded people on an Escape though.  It’s a chance to laugh with old friends and welcome new ones into your life.  A chance to put hard work to one side for a few days and soak up the spiritual rewards.

  1. Be among the first.

The thing about Escape is…. It is the ultimate networking event.  You find things out.  Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves, especially when we are excited about what is happening in the world of Modere. It won’t be long after Escape that we hold our inaugural European Social Retail Conference, so you’ll get the inside edge in what we have in store.   While you still have the sea air to enjoy you might be in the mood to learn about the where we will be heading for the Escape 2017. Plan ahead, it will be another busy year!

  1. Be entertained.

It’s nice when someone else has organized everything. You probably have enough of that in your life, so let us take that on for a few days.   Perhaps it’s an excursion to a new place, we’ll organize it.  A speaker to inspire you, we’ll invite them.  All you need to take care of is your qualification and the more you achieve, the more we can do.   It will be our pleasure to host you.

Here is how Social Marketers can qualify for the European Modere Escape 2016:

1. Existing Social Marketers (with an account prior to Feb 1st 2016) – Modere Europe Experiences and Escape 2016 route. In fact you can even earn Modere Experiences along the way. See the link for more details.
2. New Social Marketers (with an account opened from Feb 1st 2016) – Path to Escape 2016 route.

All information is also now available in the Escape section of the EU Shifting Retail website.