The Social Retail Conference 2022 – ACCELERATE

Ready for an incredible Social Retail Conference?! There are only 2 months left until the SRC, taking place on March 19th and 20th 2022. We would have so appreciated seeing you all in person this year, however your safety is our number one priority, so this year we’ll all be inviting you to tune in virtually from the comfort of your own home.

To make sure that even virtually, our SRC will still be THE place to be this year, our entire focus will be put into making it virtually incredible, so that you and your teams can ACCELERATE!

That’s right, this year’s theme is ACCELERATE, because we don’t just want you to grow, we want to help you to ACCELERATE too !

The SRC is the perfect time to fill us up with excitement, energy and confidence to continue our commitment to Live Clean! We cannot wait to continue working with you all to build a cleaner and brighter world.

This year’s programme will include some very inspiring speakers, exciting new products, innovative business tools and of course waves of recognition!

Think you’re ready to get your ticket? Find out all there is to know about the SRC 2022 below.

We’ve planned a great programme that will make you feel like you’re LIVE in the room with us at the event.


Saturday 19th of March from 1 o’clock to 6 o’clock (CET) or  12o’clock to 5 o’clock GMT

Sunday 20th March from 10.30 to 3.30 (CET) or 9.30 to 2.30 GMT

Including a Recognition ceremony on Saturday evening from 9PM to 11PM CET or 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock GMT.

(exact timings to be confirmed)


The ACCELERATE 2022 Virtual SRC will be hosted on an exclusive NEW 3D event platform – which will provide you with a “next level” experience.

All you’ll need to do is purchase your ticket on our Social Marketer shop (Including Event Box or Event Stream Ticket only) and you will receive an email just before the event asking you to create your profile and log in to the website.

Which languages can I follow the SRC in?  

The Modere Europe Virtual Social Retail Conference will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

What can I expect from the Virtual event?

  • The SRC 2022 ACCELERATE Programme

  • A fabulous virtual recognition ceremony

  • The chance to take part in challenges and win prizes.

  • A Hall of Fame (NEW).

  • A Product Experience area (NEW).

  • The opportunity to download documents and join in to Polls and Surveys.

  • Group discussions, chat and set up video calls with other participants to exchange about the latest announcements

What should I wear?

We would like to propose a dress code for the day and evening of the event as you could be on camera 

  • Day event: Casual with a touch of ACCELERATE colours: blue, teal, white, black.

  • Recognition ceremony: Swanky with a touch of ACCELERATE colours: blue, teal, white, black.

Event Box:

Join in the fun by purchasing our Event Box! Full of Modere Goodies, it’s a great way to get you in the SRC mood before the event.

The ACCELERATE Event Box contains :

  • A MODERE branded cotton shoulder bag.
  • A MODERE branded drink flask!
  • A MODERE branded umbrella.
  • A MODERE branded reusable drinking straw.
  • A MODERE branded scrub mitt.
  • An ACCELERATE notepad and pen.
  • An ACCELERATE sticker
  • THREE Modere Go Samples

The box will be sent a few weeks before the SRC (from early March). 

How much does the SRC 22 ticket cost?

Make sure you get your SRC 2022 ticket as participating in the SRC will allow you to earn an extra 5000 points towards your Escape qualification !

The SRC ticket can be purchased in the Social Marketer Shop on and simply by logging into your account.

The Early-Bird tickets are available from the 21st January (17.00 CET/16.00 GMT) to 15th of February  (midnight CET/23.00 GMT) at the exclusive price of 24.99€/£21.50 for the Streaming Ticket Only or 44,99€/£39.00 Event ticket with the Event Box.

Then as of the 16th February until the 19th March (until 11.59 CET/ 10.59 GMT), you’ll be able to buy your tickets at the normal price of 30.00€/£34.99 for the Streaming Ticket Only or 54,99€/£47.50 for the Event Ticket with the Event Box .

Prices are inclusive of VAT where applicable*.

This Ticket will give you access on the day of the event to the Virtual SRC event platform where the SRC 2022 programme can be viewed Live.

Ticket sales will end on 19th of March, so make sure you purchase your ticket in time!

We look forward to treating you to another captivating event to inspire and boost you to reach new levels and help you ACCELERATE in 2022.

Login to the Social Marketer store to see the prices for your home country.