The Modere Life training centre

On the 2nd and 3rd of March at the SRC in Lyon, Modere Europe introduced the brand new Modere LIFE training Centre which is available to all Social Marketers in the backoffice on This new tool is a veritable gamechanger for Modere and delivers on our commitment to give our people what they need to succeed. The Life Training System will provide everyone with a solid foundation to start off their Modere business and help them reach their activity goals.

The training centre is based on what we call the LIFE system. LIFE stands for List, Invite, Follow-up and Enroll. These are the basic steps that all Social Marketers use to build their business and to create interest with new potential contacts. Indeed, each new Social Marketer will start by creating a list and keep filling it up as they go along. From there, Social Marketers invite people from their list and keep following-up with them until they make the decision to enroll. The training system dissects every step of the process, from how to start your own business, to teaching people how to generate interest with new or existing contacts, to learning the appropriate way to approach them with tried and tested scripts, with the objective of enrolling them successfully. And once they have enrolled their new Social Marketer, they can direct THEM back to the Training Centre so THEY can also learn the basics and get started!

You often hear people say that the beauty of Modere and Social Retail, is that you don’t have to have any previous experience or be a product expert to start your activity. With this new training system, it’s even closer to the truth. You can learn all the basics simply by watching the videos and/or reading the PDFs in the training centre. You can also set yourself simple and attainable goals such as the 10/3 formula of enlisting 10 new customers and 3 new Social Marketers in your first month. You can follow a checklist of things to do when you first start. And you can listen to advice on how to create curiosity online or offline without giving away too much.

So, what is the benefit to our existing Social Marketers who are already well and truly established? Firstly, it’s never too late to learn something new and give a catalyst to your existing business. Secondly, it helps remove some of the hard work when enrolling new Social Marketers. You can put the training system to use so that they cover all the basic steps and your new “recruits” have the best possible start to success.

This first version of the Training Centre is just the beginning for Modere. One of our 2019 goals is to give our people what they need to succeed and so throughout the course of the year we will keep updating and adding new content based on the feedback you share with us. Whether it’s more training on the Compensation Plan, or tips and tricks on what you are or are NOT allowed to say about our products or perhaps other tools we might not yet have thought about yet but you are already thinking of!

We really look forward to collaborating with you to make this tool the most efficient and valuable tool possible, both for existing Social Marketers and for all your new Social Marketers.