My little gold wallet

Why do I wish to qualify as a Sales Agent for the GOLD title every month? The answer is clear: what I like about holding the GOLD title is that I have twice as many customers who are taking care of themselves than when I was just SILVER.

This means that I have passed on the “Live Clean” message to more people and, consequently, it’s improved my job performance and how I care for customers who feel good about their skin with Modere products.

Also, let’s not hide or deny it: the sharing commission and consistency bonus in the Modere compensation plan mean I am benefiting fully from being paid more commission.

A young Social Marketer in my organisation who understood this benefit got herself a gold purse to symbolise her target to be GOLD every month. I thought it was a great idea, because my brain, like hers, and yours too, loves symbols.

My own little gold wallet, which I see in my bag every day, motivates me to take action and, with one bonus after another, to qualify as GOLD every month, as I contribute to world change working with Modere.

Brigitte Delgrange, LE REFLET DU SOLEIL, Director 1, Gold