Being Authentic and Extraordinary are just two of our Modere values that underscore how important Ongoing Training is to your Social Marketer business.

Your Modere Social Marketer Agreement consisting of the Social Marketer Terms and Conditions, the Policies and Procedures and the Compensation Plan contain all of the essential guidance and governance you need to ensure that you abide by the appropriate procedures.

All Social Marketers have a duty and obligation to provide ongoing training and support for their teams to ensure that all members also understand and abide by their Modere Social Marketer Agreement. The excitement and enthusiasm of embarking on a business opportunity with Modere must be accompanied by diligent focus on Modere’s business ethics.

So while you are supporting your team members and you feel there may be some behaviours that diverge from the principles of the Modere agreement, then get in touch with them, and provide guidance to put them back on track. Together you can be supreme representatives of the Modere brand!

And if you need to enhance your understanding of any areas of the Modere Agreement, consult our training material or get in touch with us.

Here’s the clause in Modere Policies and Procedures that highlights your training obligations.

Social Marketers who sponsor one or more Social Marketers into Modere must perform a bona fide assistance and training function to ensure that their Sales Organisation is properly operating their Modere business. Social Marketers must have ongoing contact and communication with the Social Marketers in their Sales Organisation. Examples of such contact and communication may include, but are not limited to, newsletters, written correspondence, personal meetings, telephone contact, voicemail, electronic mail, and the accompaniment of Social Marketers in their Sales Organisation to Modere meetings, training sessions, and other functions. Upline Social Marketers are also responsible to motivate and train new Social Marketers in Modere product knowledge, effective sales techniques, the Modere Compensation Plan, and compliance with Company Policies and Procedures. During communication with and the training of their Sales Organisation, Social Marketers must not, however, violate the clause regarding the development of Social Marketer-produced sales aids and promotional materials. Social Marketers must monitor the Social Marketers in their Sales Organisation to ensure that these Social Marketers do not make improper product or business claims or engage in any illegal or inappropriate conduct. Upon request, every Social Marketer must be able to provide documented evidence to Modere of his or her ongoing fulfilment of the responsibilities of an Enrolment Sponsor.