With the implementation of GDPR, all companies are focusing more and more on the ethical way to treat and deal with customer data. At Modere, the importance of treating the customer fairly is key to our business opportunity and what will set us apart always. Each one of us must ensure that each customer account is a true customer accounts, that their data and means of payment are safe and personal and that a customer truly behaves like a customer and is not as a cover for a Social Marketer account.

Read extracts of the Policies and Procedures that illustrates that point.


A person may register as a Modere Customer by means of Modere operated websites or by telephone and shall be entitled to purchase Modere products, but will not be entitled to participate in the Modere Compensation Plan. Once a Customer registers with Modere, his or her Customer account is linked to the referring Social Marketer or Customer and becomes a member of the Customer Pod of the first Upline Social Marketer.

Customers may become Social Marketers with no waiting period if they register under their original Sponsor and have satisfied all requirements as outlined in section 3.1 Requirements to Become a Modere Social Marketer. The Customers previously referred by that Customer are then moved from the Customer Pod of the first-level Upline Social Marketer and placed in the Customer Pod of the newly registered Social Marketer. Customers who were formerly Social Marketers must remain inactive for at least six (6) months before they may submit a Social Marketer Application and Agreement under a different Sponsor.



The spouse (or common law partner) of a Modere Social Marketer may register as a Modere Customer. A Social Marketer’s spouse (or common law partner) need not be sponsored by his or her Social Marketer spouse (or common law partner), nor be in the same line of sponsorship as his or her Social Marketer spouse (or common law partner).


Social Marketers are encouraged to develop a group of Customers who purchase Modere products directly from the Company. These Customers can take advantage of purchasing products directly through a Modere website or Modere telephone support.

To read our full Policies and Procedures document, click here.

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