We would like to highlight the 10 rules we expect our Social Marketers to follow when they perfom their Social Marketer activities.

Indeed, the Company has made a commitment to provide its Social Marketers top quality products, exceptional support and a successful Compensation Plan. As Social Marketers engage in business activities, they must represent the products and income opportunity in an ethical and professional manner.

Each Social Marketer agrees to abide by the following Business Ethics:

As a Social Marketer:

  1. I will uphold Modere’s mission and values while engaging in Business Activity.
  2. I will indicate to prospective Customers and Social Marketers who I am, why I have contacted them, and what I am promoting.
  3. I will be truthful in my representation of the products and will make no product claim that is not contained in and supported by official Company publications.
  4. I will correctly and lawfully represent the Compensation Plan and will not make false or misleading claims about the income potential represented therein.
  5. I will conduct myself and my business in an ethical, moral, legal and financially sound manner and will not engage in any deceptive or illegal practice.
  6. I will fulfil my leadership responsibilities by training, assisting, and otherwise supporting the Social Marketers in my organisation.
  7. I will respect the Enrolment Sponsor relationship of every other Customer or Social Marketer and I will neither attempt to interfere with or change these relationships nor make disparaging or untrue claims about other Social Marketers.
  8. I will not communicate disparaging comments about competitors’ products to others and shall not communicate slanderous, libellous and derogatory statements about competitors or other Social Marketers.
  9. I will not engage in activities that would bring disrepute to the Company, other Social Marketers, or me.
  10. I will abide by each and every term and condition of the Agreement.

Do not hesitate to consult our Policies and Procedures to familiarise yourself with the business ethics section.