Summer Rewards 2017

Start collecting Modere Summer Reward prizes!

Do you fancy getting your hands on these goodies?

Well, during June, July and August 2017 if you are a Social Marketer you could start collecting these brilliant monthly Summer Reward prizes.

How? Well, simply put, by helping new Customers and Social Marketers you enroll to place their first orders.  Those first orders will help you generate enough points to earn these prizes!  You can choose if you focus on new Social Marketers or new Customers. Or alternate each month – whatever you think best!

So this summer is going to be a great time to introduce more people to living clean and Social Retail.

Each month during the programme, once you have generated 500 points from 3 NEW Social Marketer first orders or 5 NEW Customer first orders you will be awarded the Summer Reward Prize for that month.

We’ll track your performance during the Summer Rewards programme and notify you if you have qualified for one of the prizes.  We’ll make sure it is shipped to you in your next order.

Terms and Conditions apply.


This brilliant little Bluetooth speaker makes a lot of noise for its size. With a 4 hour listening time it should get you through your BBQ party sweat –  so if you’re cooking up some tunes as well as the corn cobs you’ll be keeping the neighbours awake a while after the coals have gone out.

And if you are more of desk jockey then you’ll find the hands-free calling function useful too plus the sleek aluminum finish will slot in nicely amongst all the other techy stuff in your office.


Get your feet out from under that desk.   You might know how many steps per day are good for you, but who’s counting? Exactly. No one. Until you strap this Activity Tracker to your wrists and let it so all the hard work – and then some!  It monitors steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate and sleeping patterns – and it does it with bright OLED display and touchscreen operation.  Connect via Bluetooth connection to a dedicated IOS8.1 and Android 4.4 app to really get the stats on record.


You’ll probably be spending a lot of the summer building your Modere business.  You’ll be connected on the move, whether just out and about every day or you are involving yourself in events and activities to reach more potential new customers and Social Marketers.

Stay connected on the move because you are going to be very busy with your Modere business later this year! Keep your portable office well organized with this innovative Business Backpack.  Dedicated compartments swallow up laptops up to 15.6” and tablets up to 10” and secure compartments with hidden zippers provide extra reassurance. Stand out features include an integrated USB charging port, water-repellent fabric and illuminating safety strips.