SRC Elite and Platinum 3 cocktail party

There are only 3 weeks to go until we all come together to share some fantastic memories and exciting new insight during the 2019 SRC on 2nd and 3rd of March in Lyon. On top of this, we have decided to indulge our hard workers who have made it all the way to the top of the ranks and titles (yes you Elites and Platinum 3s we mean you) with an extra treat. We believe that hard work needs to be recognized at Modere and so have decided to offer our Elites and Platinum 3 social marketers with an extra exclusive night of celebrations on the Friday 1st of March, something to get us into the SRC mood!

The special pamper pack will include:

  • A glamorous cocktail party in the most prestigious room of the Marriott Hotel, on the highest floor (you’ll literally have made it to the top) with a stupendous view overlooking the whole of Lyon.
  • Delicious refreshments and nibbles to indulge in and to celebrate the occasion.
  • Some exclusive time with our CEO and Modere Europe General manager and other special guests to share some insight from the field and to discuss valuable market topics.
  • A firsthand look at the 2019 key announcements to prepare your teams and be ready to keep going.

It’s our chance to thank our leaders in the field by giving them a special evening made just for them. A chance for some photo opportunities, real conversations and a view from the top, before we charge into an intense and electric two days of SRC.

Who knows, next year we might be welcoming anyone of you other Social Marketers out there. It’s our true desire that you make it in this business too. So learn from the best and absorb as much information from the leaders and the SRC as you can. See you at the SRC!