Are you ready to celebrate the new decade and ENVISION the success you can achieve in 2020 and beyond? Then make sure you join us at the Social Retail Conference 2020 which will be taking place in Brussels on the 14th and 15th of March.


Because a new decade is a new chapter. It’s the perfect time to reflect on our past challenges and experiences and use them to create a new version of ourselves and form a new vision. Modere has grown across the globe and we have built a strong global brand with ONE unified and focused VISION. This is the place to share it!

2020 once seemed a long way away but it has arrived.  We are laser focused on creating extraordinary growth, opportunity and success thanks to our disruptive business model and focus on serving our customers.

So, are you ENVISIONing yourself featuring in this new chapter with us? Are you ENVISIONing the new or better possibilities with Modere? Are you ENVISIONing yourselves as the new Leaders? Are you ENVISIONing our mission of changing the world through our Live Clean philosophy? Then, join us at the SRC in Brussels so we can make it a reality together.

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