The ENVISION 2020 Modere Europe Social Retail Conference in Brussels is drawing closer each day!

We would love to see you and your team be a part of this monumental event. And we know that for some,  it’s not about not wanting to join, it’s more a question of being able to join. So, to help you to join in and be at the event we’ve put together a list of budgeting tools, designed to help you save money while you invest in yourself. This below list might just help you get your tickets here.

Start a Budget

You have to start somewhere. Your first task before you even start booking flights/train tickets or a hotel is to create a budget.

When you start, think about what you want to accomplish during the weekend. If you plan on staying a few days extra to explore the city, a budget comes in useful.

Focus on things like how often you want to eat out. Can you find a room rate that includes a good breakfast?  Are there restaurants nearby that give you much more choice than the catering in a hotel?  It is worth checking them out and also making a booking if it could be busy!

Budget a little extra to help you hurdle the unnecessary items and stick to your daily cash allowance. This way, you won’t be surprised at the end of the trip.

Booking a Flight

Flight prices aren’t going down, but there are ways to ease the burden of the most expensive part of the trip.

Firstly, Tuesday is the best day to book your flights. That’s when airlines open up their deals and feature the lowest prices. If you can afford an extra day, travel during an off-peak day like Wednesday to get the lowest price possible.

Make sure you compare flights and companies! This is key. Don’t settle for the first price. SkyScanner is a great site that pulls from almost every single airline and allows you to view all the prices in one area. Look at social media sites as there are people who make a living on providing you with the best travel deals.

Travel Together

Traveling together can save money on food, accommodation, and transportation. Share a taxi from the airport or railway station for example.  If you’re planning on going to Brussels and are within driving distance, carshare! Split the cost of fuel, take a cooler, and then book a room together. As you and your team travel together, this will give you the opportunity to talk about your business ideas and how you can be successful.

Book an Airbnb

Whether you’ve decided to be Reasonable Ross or Wild Wendy, you will probably need to book somewhere near the event hall to have some (however much you decide you need) beauty sleep. After all, we want to see you fresh faced Saturday and Sunday morning to be awed and inspired!

As mentioned above, the more the merrier, AND the cheaper. Why not book an an apartment on AirBnB or a hostel room with friends or team members so you can lower the cost of lodging? Not only will you wake each other up if the snooze button gets pushed one too many times, but you will be also be able to gossip about the weekend’s events!

And, the nice thing about Brussels is it’s got a great transport system. So if you can find accommodation a little further (and cheaper) but with direct transportation, then you’re saving money too!

Go Food Shopping

Go on holiday or any business trip and you will see a lot of your money being spent on food.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, snacking, whatever; they all use your budget in a big way. Many hotels have a fridge, tea and coffee makers and sometimes a microwave. You can easily find stuff at the local store for breakfast and lunch and keep them in your room.

If you found a flat to rent, chances are you have a kitchen. This is almost a no-brainer as you can cook all your meals at there! When you consider leftovers and the cost of eating out, you will save money.

These are just a few, simple tips to help you make the most of this event. Brussels and Modere are ready to welcome you March 14th and 15th and see you in the audience at the 20/20 Envision Social Retail Conference.

We think it could change you and your business forever.