SRC 2019 in Lyon: Everything you need to know !

Are you ready for the SRC in Lyon happening this weekend? Are your outfits picked out, clean and packed? Are your travel tickets ready and travel itinerary planned to go? Well our luggage is also packed and we are basically ready to make our way to Lyon for a weekend which promises to be packed full of memories too. We’ve been busy planning and scheduling and thought you might like to have an idea of what to expect. We’ve kept some surprises don’t worry. Don’t hesitate to write this information down so as not to miss out on anything due to tardiness or forgetfulness; no one wants to live with regret right!

Registration and opening: Saturday 2nd of March from 10-12 o’clock in the morning.

Aim to arrive for 10 o’clock in the morning on the Saturday, wearing your sporty chic outfits so you can really take advantage of the Modere Shop and Lounge. We are expecting a lot of people and we will be serious on security at the entrance to make sure we all feel safe during the event. So this might mean a few queues. There is nothing worse than arriving a little late and it turning into VERY late. We don’t want you missing out on what’s on offer, or missing the beginning of the show! So leave early, arrive early and get the most out of your weekend. The shop will be open at 10 in the morning and will close at 5 in the afternoon that day, but if you beat the morning queues, you’ll have more space and time to browse.   Around 11.30, you will be able to access the auditorium to select your seat and prepare for the session to start.

6 o’clock: After an overwhelming afternoon of information and excitement you deserve a break. This is also your last opportunity of the day to pick up your Modere shop orders at the collection area which closes at 6. Use the break wisely to freshen up, turn your sport-chic look into a dazzling outfit on and fuel up on some food to keep you going until the early hours of the morning.

Registration and opening: Awards Show (Recognition): Saturday 2nd of March evening from 7.45  -1 o’clock in the morning

The Awards Show registration will start at 7.45 and doors will open at 8.30 but we advise you to arrive at registration opening at 7.45 to make sure you don’t arrive in a hurry (and ruin your beautiful outfit) and you get to choose the best spots in the room to see and cheer everyone late into the night. Then we will be ushering you out the doors at 1 o’clock in the morning so you can either hit the pillow and turn up fresh for the Sunday morning session, or choose to hit the town, in which case we STILL want to see your (not so fresh) faces Sunday morning.

Registration and opening: Sunday 3rd of March at 8.30 in the morning.

The morning belongs to those who succeed. So make sure you have an energy packed breakfast and maybe some ACAI boost to keep you going for another big day. The session doors will open at 9 o’clock so make sure you set your alarm early and lay your sporty-chic outfits out the night before. If you missed out on the Modere shop on the Saturday, then take the opportunity of late sleepers to browse the shop until the session starts.

Short lunch-break between 12.30 and 1.30 in the afternoon Sunday.

This short break will also be your last chance to order what you need from the Modere Shop before it closes if you haven’t had time before. So fuel up on some food and order-up some last shop treats before the last session of the weekend.

End of Seminar at 4 o’clock in the afternoon Sunday

The incredible weekend will be coming to a close. Last chance of goodbyes with your teams, last chance to exchange contact details with new acquaintances, last chance to collect your Modere shop orders from the collection area and last chance to admire your surroundings before a new adventure next year.


For those who will be joining us at the SRC, don’t forget to check your inboxes to find your organization e-mails with all the important information you need!