SRC 2019: highlights

The #SRCDISRUPT weekend has come and gone so fast! For those who were able to join us this year, we really hope you enjoyed every bit of it and learnt as much as you could to continue a fantastic year of growth and opportunity. During the event we launched key products and a major product system, we revealed new technologies and tools and we inspired you with our leader’s stories and our guest speaker’s insight.. If you didn’t get a chance to join us this year, follows is a short summary of the amazing weekend we had It won’t be as spectacular as the weekend but it will give you a sensation of the magic that was shared


– Friday evening our wonderful CEO Asma Ishaq joined the Elites at the VIP cocktail party along with Justin Serra from the US Global office and Robert Ferguson our Modere SAB member and guest speaker. After some important global announcements and recognition for the hard-work of 2018, they mingled with our Elites on the top floor of the Marriot Hotel overlooking Lyon by night. They even got to taste some innovative new products ahead of anyone else and before they are even released in Europe! Why not ask them what they thought of them.


– Saturday morning started off early with some great new Modere logo items in the Modere shop. Backpacks, sports towels, shakers and DISRUPT T-shirts were displayed in the shop and lounge area so our attendees could enjoy a spot of browsing and shopping. And you certainly seemed to like what we had to offer as we sold out of a few items after only a couple of hours!


– Asma kicked off the SRC by sharing some key global information. She congratulated Europe for its growth of 500% in 2018 versus 2017, gave insightful tips on how Liquid Biocell© Pure, Trim and the Live Clean Essentials are some of the most repeat buys by customers, and revealed her vision for 2019 in terms of values, strategy and purpose. She added a value she believed that 2019 needs to concentrate on, which is EXTRAORDINARY. Why? She wants all aspects of our business to operate with excellence and go over and above to be extraordinary: , whether it’s in consumer experience, in products, in how we behave with one another or how we treat ourselves. So let’s make this year EXTRAORDINARY!

– We launched two new exciting products and a new product system that will be a game-changer for our business.

o Activate was launched first. A 3-day gentle monthly cleanse designed to kick-start your digestive system and complement a weight management programme.

o Then we presented the very exciting and exclusive Body Transformation System which includes Activate, Trim and Ignite. These three products allow you to have the great benefits of CLA and Collagen from Trim, the benefits of ignite containing Camellia Sinensis to support resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure and Activate to help cleanse your digestive system. Combined, these three products can optimize and complement any nutritional, exercise or weight management programme to promote overall health and fitness.
o And last but not least, we introduced a new member of the Liquid Biocell family, SPORT. As well as featuring the benefits of Liquid Biocell, it also contains vitamin C which contributes to physical and mental performance as well as reduction of tiredness AND contains BCAAs and L-Carnitine, known in the sports environment for it’s great benefits.
o Furthermore, our guest speaker and SAB member Robert Ferguson explained how interesting combining the Body Transformation and Sport could be.



– We recognised all the achievements of our Social Marketers from Bronze to Platinum 3 and from Senior Consultant all the way to Elite 3. Because to us, every rank and every title deserve to be celebrated , encouraged and acknowledged for the hard work achievers have put in and for what work they are continuing to do to keep moving upwards and forwards.



– We launched our New Modere App. This app will bring Modere and our Social Marketers closer to our customers. They can easily shop and make their orders on the app and can even scan the barcode of their empty product so it goes straight into their cart. They can learn more about the Modere Live Clean philosophy and can write reviews or contact the Support Centre more easily if they have questions. It’s all part of our vision to strive to deliver the extraordinary. And for our Social Marketers? It gives you the ability to send out your promo code or the product code page straight through Facebook or twitter to a customer.

– We also shared the exciting new tool, the Modere LIFE Training Centre which appears in your backoffice under the Training tab. This training centre will help new Social Marketers to follow concrete and clear steps to get their business off its feet, starting with their first customer and first team member. It provides easy to follow videos and tools such as scripts so they can learn how to approach their contacts or create new contacts. And for existing social marketers? Well it’s a great way to introduce your new team members to the business, a way to promote Modere to prospective social marketers and a sure way to ensure your new team members enjoyed better success in a shorter time frame. It’s never too late to learn, and you can never learn enough, so head there now on


– We introduced our new business promotion which starts in March for all promoter titles and focusses in on the sales of the Body Transformation System. The Body Transformation Pool runs until June 2019 and allows our promoters to enjoy a share(s) when generating 57% of their POD volume through the sales of these products. A hugely exciting tool for new and existing Social Marketers alike!

– And most of all, we listened to many inspiring stories from our Elites concerning their journey to the top. They shared tips, encouraged the audience not to give up in the face of difficulties and brought energy and enthusiasm to a weekend that has been echoed as “incredible” by all.

The only trouble now, is HOW are we going to top this event NEXT year? We already have ideas and look forward to get even better Modere Items in our shop, welcoming fresh new Elites to share their stories, creating more tools and innovative technology to help you build your business and bring you brand new exciting products to share with all. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you thought so we can really make next year faultless. See you in October for the Regionals ! Dates soon to be released.