Do you remember why you decided to join Modere? Among other reasons, it might have been because you wanted to work for a company which had strong values. Although this year the SRC 2019 centres on one of our values in particular: DISRUPT, we are never far away from our other principles either. And in particular, we wanted to demonstrate our COMPASSION this year by giving back to people who need a helping hand. To help us do this, we will be collaborating with a local Lyon Charity called FilActions. We chose them as they share the same values of empathy, respect, open-mindedness and equal opportunity as we do.

FilActions is a charity which fights against domestic violence, violence against women and sexism through public action, culture and events. As a company, Modere works alongside strong independent women from all types of backgrounds. So we felt like this subject would probably be close to all of our hearts. We believe in giving responsibility and encouragement to all out Social Marketers regardless of gender, to help them succeed in their life and well-being. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be given this chance, so we wanted to give everyone a chance to BE COMPASSIONATE and give back to a valuable cause, and who knows, help someone make it.

At the SRC, you will be given the option and opportunity to participate in giving back through this charity on our online Modere event shop. During this weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of March 2019 only, when you make an order in the Modere event shop, you can choose to add a sum of your choice (2€, 5€, 10€… or more of course) to your basket which will go directly to the charity. Anyone who wishes to participate will remain anonymous.

We are extremely excited about this collaboration and hope to be teaming up with more valuable causes as we go forward with our company and your success. So let’s make this first one a philanthropic start to look back on proudly.