We are so excited for the release of our Social Retail Next Gen programme! Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming release, which will take effect in two phases.

Below we have put together a recap of all the exciting programme updates and promotions that will be made available.

  1. VIP LIST – Release phases and details
  2. VIP LIST – Assets
  4. Modere Sharing Accelerator Bonus

We hope you are just as excited as we are about the incredible benefits this programme will have on your business growth. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team using the contact form or phone us.

1.VIP LIST – Release phases details


Phase 1 Release – Monday, 14th March 2022 at 17:00 CET (16:00 GMT)

Phase 2 Release – Friday, 1st April 2022 at 17:00 CEST (16:00 GMT)  

14th March @ 17:00 CET

NEW Website updates to Cart & Checkout, plus VIP List rewards page update

New Subscription Tier calculations including
free shipping as of Insider 8+ items as of the 3rd consecutive month 

New Subscription Value Product Multipliers –
Products as of value £60/65€ can be added multiple times to a Subscription order and each will be counted as an individual item towards the Subscription Value counter.

New Everyday savings programme
Everyday orders are those that are placed outside of your primary monthly subscription order. This perk lets you take advantage of your VIP savings every day, no matter how you shop.

New Friends & Family programme
As a new VIP member your Customer will receive 3 unique, shareable Friends & Family links to share. Their loved ones will save £20/20€ on their first order of £99/99€ or more by using the Friends & Family link/code, and the referring Customer will receive a £20/20€ product credit for sharing.

New Friends & Family Report in My account section of or in your Shiftingretail Back Office Report section.

Update Share The Love Coupon deducts 10 points on £10/10€. Friends & Family credit deducts 20 points on £20/20€.

Exclusive One-time, exclusive launch promo for all existing Customers and Social Marketers to receive 3 unique, shareable Friends & Family codes. Promo starts 14th March at 17:00CET and codes expire at 23:59CET on the 31.03.2022

1st April @ 17:00 CEST (Time TBC)

New Loyalty Match
On your third consecutive subscription month, we’ll match your VIP tier savings so you can save even more on your monthly subscription – and your everyday purchases too.

New Yearly Anniversary Reward.
Receive a shopping credit of £50/€50 every year on your Modere anniversary date.

New 2nd Month £20/20€ Subscription Reward.
In their second consecutive subscription month, VIP members will receive a one- time benefit of £20/20€ off their order! All they have to do is maintain a subscription for 2 consecutive months  and you’ll get it!*
*Only Customer VIP members are eligible for this programme.

Old Programme Removals
The following programme items will be replaced; SmartShip Longevity Rewards, Birthday Credit.



Subscription Value Product Multipliers

Each item on our website has a unique subscription value. For most items the value is one; collections have a value equivalent to the number of unique items in the collection.

The following list of products are the items which are considered as Subscription Value multipliers, meaning that their value is higher than £60/65€ and as such even if you add two or three of one product in this list the subscription value will correspond to that multiple.

• 11006GB Night Cream Dry Skin
• 11045GB CellProof Serum
• 11051GB CellProof Moisturizer
• 11053GB CellProof Infusion
• 17064BE/GB Axis Trebiotic
• 17533BE/GB/IT Ignite
• 17566BE/GB/IT Trim Coconut Lime
• 17568BE/GB Trim Vanilla
• 17571BE/GB Trim Mango
• 17573BE/GB Trim Chocolate
• 17580BE/GB/IT Liquid BioCell Pure
• 17585BE/GB Liquid BioCell Skin
• 17590BE/GB/IT Liquid BioCell Sport


The Modere team has prepared two great videos for you to share on Social Media or through your preferred communication channels with your customers.

VIP LIST Teaser Video
VIP LIST Explainer Video

Plus, please find here a couple of PPT slides that can be used to train your Social Marketers:
Social Retail Next Gen Introduction
Replay of the official launch


What happens if I change my subscription after my first month ships; will I still get the same VIP savings on my everyday orders?

VIP savings are locked in for 31 days from the day your subscription order is placed. If you make changes to your subscription, your new VIP savings is calculated at the time your next installment is processed, and then is valid for the next 31 days. In the event you place a new VIP savings order before the month is over (i.e. 2 in a month), if they are different percentages, the higher of the two will apply on any everyday savings order you place during the next 31 days.

What happens if an item in my subscription is out of stock?

If your item is out of stock, you will need to replace your item with another one that is in stock in order to maintain your existing VIP savings.

What is an everyday savings order?

Everyday savings orders are orders that are placed outside of your primary monthly subscription order. These may also be referred to as a la carte orders or ‘one-offs’ and allow you to take advantage of promotions, try something different or replenish an item you love that has run out earlier than expected.

This perk lets you take advantage of your VIP savings every day, no matter how you shop.

How are my VIP savings calculated based on the items in my order?

Each item on our website has a unique subscription value. For most items the value is one; collections have a value equivalent to the number of unique items in the collection.

As an added perk, individual items that are priced at £60/€65 or more are eligible for the benefit of quantity toward the applicable VIP savings percentage. Individual items priced below £60/€65 are not eligible for this benefit.

For example: Christine creates a subscription order for 3 Modere Toothpastes for her family and 2 bottles of Trim for herself. In this case, her applicable VIP savings tier is based on a subscription value of 3 items – the 2 bottles of Trim count as 2 items at a price of over £60/€65 each, and the 3 toothpastes count as 1 item because the price of each individual toothpaste is £7.60/€10.27, which falls below the £60/€65 threshold. So a subscription value of 3 is used to calculate her VIP savings, corresponding to the Fan tier at a 5% monthly savings. These savings will apply to Christine’s subscription and to any other orders she may place during the next 31 days.

What is Share the Love?

Share the Love is a way to earn shopping credits by sharing Modere with your friends. As a Customer when you share your personal Share The Love referral code with a friend, they will save £10/€10 when they place their first order with Modere, and you will receive a £10/€10 shopping credit as a thank you from Modere for sharing our wonderful products.

Your £10/€10 shopping credit is automatically applied to your account when your friend redeems your code on their first order. It’s that easy!

How does Subscription Loyalty Match work?

Your VIP savings discount is applied to your subscription according to the subscription value of your order, as described above. When you maintain your subscription for three consecutive months, Modere will begin to match your discount . You will see a new discount line item in the checkout process that takes your sub total after your initial VIP savings percentage discount, and then deducts a loyalty match discount of the same percentage. For example:

Jim has been using the Body Transformation System now for 2 months, and his method of payment is scheduled to be charged today for his month 3 subscription order. He normally pays £123.50 with his VIP savings of 5% off the regular price of £130. When Jim checks his order invoice on his month 3 subscription, he will notice a new line item called Subscription Loyalty Match that deducts an additional 5% savings, resulting in a new reduced subtotal of £117.32

Here’s the breakdown:
Body Transformation System: £130.00
VIP Fan 5% savings: (£6.50) [based on £130.00 * 5%] Subscription Loyalty Match: (£6.18) [based on (£123.50 – £6.50) * 5%] Subtotal: £117.32

Please note that if you cancel your subscription or skip a month, you will reset the clock on this benefit and need to maintain your subscription for another 3 consecutive months to become eligible again.

What is Friends & Family?

This very exciting perk upgrades the rewards your Customer can earn by sharing the products he/she loves with their closest friends and loved ones. As a new VIP member, your Customer will receive 3 unique, shareable Friends & Family links one-time only. Their loved one will save £20/€20 on their first order of £99/€99 or more by using the Friends & Family link/code, and the referring Customer will receive a £20/€20 product credit for sharing. If they spend less than £99/€99, they will still save £10/€10 on their order via our Share the Love programme.

If the Customer shares the same link with multiple people, only the first person to use it is eligible for the £20/€20 savings on their first order of £99/€99. Subsequent users of the same link will receive only a £10/€10 Share the Love savings on their first order, regardless of their order total. You can track the status and redemption(s) of your unique links by logging into your modere account at or

Please note that as of the 14th March all new Social Marketers will also have access to 3 unique, shareable Friends & Family links to share with new Customers.

What is the Yearly Anniversary Credit?

Every year on the anniversary of your account creation date, we’ll add a £50/€50 shopping credit to your account, valid on any purchase on or The shopping credit is valid for 31 days, so don’t save it for a rainy day!

Can I use any of my shopping credits to pay for taxes, shipping and/or any other fees?

Your shopping credits may be used to pay for Modere product but not for shipping costs, or other fees, or sales items

How do I get the free shipping benefit?

VIP members at the Insider tier will receive free shipping on any order with a subscription value of 8 or more items and from the 3rd consecutive subscription onward.

How does the 2nd month subscription credit work*?

VIP members who have a second consecutive subscriptions will receive a one- time benefit of £20/€20 off their order! All you have to do is maintain a subscription for 2 consecutive months and you’ll get it!

*This benefit is only allowed one time per account so if you cancel and restart it won’t apply again.

Will customers receive emails to remind them their Friends and Family links are about to expire?

Yes! Customers that are opted into our communications will be sent emails to remind them their links are about to expire on day 5, day 7 and day 9.

Does a customer’s loyalty transfer with them if they join as a Social Marketer?

At this time it does not transfer automatically. We are working hard to integrate this in the future. For now, please contact customer service.

If a customer is a VIP Insider with 8 items or more on their Subscription (SmartShip) and then they place an everyday order will they also receive free shipping?

A VIP Insider will only receive free shipping on his/her subscription order. The free shipping perk does not extend to their everyday order purchases.

Can NEW Social Marketers gain access to the three Friends and Family links as well?

Yes! All NEW Social Marketers will gain access to three links upon enrollment. However they will not earn the reciprocating 20€/£ when their new Customer redeems their Friends and Family shopping credit.

I am a Premium Customer achieving the maximum 15% subscription discount level, will I also qualify for free shipping?

Yes, a Premium Customer will also qualify for the free shipping benefit on their subscription order of 8+ items at the 15% discount level.

I placed a SmartShip in January, February (each SmartShip order contained 5 items) and now on March 16th I am an Insider with 8+ items in my Subscription order, do I qualify for free shipping?

Yes, you would as you have been on the subscription programme for 3 months.

Is the 99€/£ minimum for Friends and Family link redemption after all discounts?

No. The 99€/£ minimum requirement is the Product Total before discounts are applied.

I opened my account on the 31st March 2022 when will I get my first Anniversary credit?

I will get my first credit added to my account on 31st March 2023.

Can I share my Friends & Family links with prospective customers globally?

Currently, you can share your Friends & Family links with prospective customers in North America, Canada and Australasia. Japan will launch the Friends & Family links in April and India later in 2022.

I am on my third subscription month as an Insider and I place an everyday order, does the loyalty match also apply on this everyday order too?

Yes, the loyalty match would also pply to the everyday order .



What is the Modere Sharing Accelerator Bonus? The Modere Sharing Accelerator Bonus is a temporary business promotion in addition to the Modere Europe (“Modere”) Compensation Plan.

Qualification Period: The Qualification period runs from 14th March 2022 to 31st May 2022

Promotion Description:The goal of the Sharing Accelerator Bonus is to generate excitement and facilitate the adoption of Friends & Family codes through customer sharing.

As a Social Marketer you can earn bonuses based on how many Friends & Family codes are redeemed by the referring customer(s) in your POD!

  • If your customer refers 3 new customers who all use their Friends & Family code you earn 20€/£.
  • If your customer refers 2 new customers who both use their Friends & Family code you earn 10€/£.
  • If your customer refers 1 new customer who uses their Friends & Family code you earn 5€/£.

This applies to every customer in your pod! Plus you get paid on the new customers from your personal Friends & Family codes!


  1. For a code to be considered redeemed it must meet the Friends & Family code redemption rules of the customer’s home market, that is the redeeming Customer must create a first order worth £/€99 to benefit from the £/€20 Family & Friends saving.
  2. To qualify for the bonus, SMs must have personally referred a customer and the customer has redeemed 1 of their 3 Friends & Family codes upon launch.  Failure to do so will make the SM ineligible during the 3-month promotion period.


• To be eligible to earn the bonus, a Social Marketer must acquire at least 1 new customer with their own friends and family codes.
• SM pods are the eligible customers that will generate bonus payouts. Customer of customer referrals also are eligible.
• Bonus is available in North America, Europe & Australaisa markets only
• All Social Marketers must be in Good Standing with Modere P&Ps and T&Cs for the promotional bonus
• SMs who do not adhere to normal compliance rules related to conveying promotional information in a truthful manner are immediately disqualified


Will my own codes help generate a pay-out?
Yes, your own personal Friends and Family codes as an SM are being used to determine your eligibility to earn pay-outs generated through your POD. We will also pay them accordingly to the amount you are able to get fully redeemed with a qualifying order.

• If I have 3 different customers only fully redeem 1 of their 3 codes will that count as 20€/£20 to me?
For each customer, we are calculating how many of the 3 codes were redeemed with a qualifying order. In this example, each customer would generate a 5€/£ pay-out if it was a Europe based SM, so in total 15€/£.

• If I have customers in another region, will I get the payout for that region?
Pay-outs are calculated based on the SMs home market and currency. If a customer is acquired in the SM pod from another region it will help them qualify for pay-out, but it will not be from the international currency perspective.

• Do I earn a bonus from other SMs in my team customers?
No, pay-outs are only eligible to the SM that is tied to the Customer POD and does not pay to any uplines.

• If my codes expire in the following month, do I get paid for my codes I redeem in this month?
If you redeem all 3 codes within a bonus month, we will pay out the full amount. If the codes expiration date go into the following month and you haven’t redeemed all 3, your bonus will be held until the following month.

• When will my business promotion payouts be paid?
Sharing Accelerator Bonus pay-outs will be paid in the regular monthly commissions.