Share the Love… only for Customers?

As a Social Marketer you’ve probably have heard of the Share the Love programme, but have you paid it all the attention it deserves?

When a new Customer uses your Share the Love invite link to open a Modere account, they get a €10 / £10 discount if they place their first order within 30 days of opening their account.

But did you know that this also applies to Customers when they refer other Customers to our shop?

Don’t forget to remind your Customers what great rewards they can get if they recommend the products to their friends and loved ones.

Share the Love is not only the introductory €10/£10 discount on a Customer first order. It is also a great referral tool for your existing Customers towards new Customers.

How can a Customer refer Modere?

The same way you would do it: via their Share the Love page when logged in.



Every time your Customer shares their personal invite link with a friend and when that friend opens an account and places a first order via this link, your Customer will receive a matching €10/£10 Share the Love coupon, which they can use against their own product orders!

There is a dedicated Share the Love page on our website, and a list of FAQs with more detailed information.


Explain the programme to your Customers and show them where to find their their personal Share the Love invite link.

Encourage them to share their passion for our products and get shopping credits in return!

For more information, read our Share the Love FAQs and Conditions.