22 qualifiers and guests joined us in Utah for four days of activities, training and excitement last week at the US FLY-IN 2019.

Considering this was the last Leadership fly-in and after all their really hard work this year, we wanted to make it extra special for this lucky team of qualifiers. Here is a brief summary of what went on:

  • Day 1: On arrival, the Qualifiers were greeted to the wave of small USA flags and cheers from both the Modere European and Global teams.

We didn’t waste time in getting them started and after a light lunch, treated them to a whole afternoon of presentations. First, Chief Executive Officer Asma Ishaq, spoke about how well the European teams have developed and grown in the past year and her vision for the next 6 months. Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Justin Serra then gave a presentation on being a leader through good and hard times. Then Category Manager for Personal Care, Jacqueline Oriolt, gave them a presentation on some of the new Modere products that are being evaluated for Europe. The last presentation of the day was Senior Director of Global Compliance Jeff Ranson, who discussed the importance of succeeding in business by following the rules.

After receiving a sneak peek sample of some products that haven’t landed on the European market yet, they were given some breathing time before embarking on a hamburger experience in a typical US brewery.


  • Day 2: After a good (subject to how badly jetlagged everyone was) night’s sleep, we were up early to visit the Modere Warehouse. Here, Project Manager, Jeff McCloud greeted them and showed them where and how Modere products are manufactured. From ingredient sourcing, to mixing and testing to packaging, they were given access to it all. The Social Marketers got to understand what “The perfect 10” really is about.


After a picnic in Nunns Park accompanied by outside games, we set off for a short hike to the Bridal Veil Falls, where they enjoyed climbing to the top of the waterfall.

Afterwards, to balance out all the nature, they were let loose in the outlets for a spot of much appreciated retail therapy. To end a busy day, we enjoyed some delicious Mexican food and margheritas, followed by a session of Piñata bashing to release the tensions of the year.


  • Day 3: After two big days, we thought our guests deserved a sleep-in and late breakfast. However, they were soon heading to Zermatt Crater where they were given an incredible opportunity to snorkel in 35°C naturally hot mineral rich water. The long soak left their skin revitalized and soft, ready to take on the rest of the day.


Lunch was energy-packed and afterwards, we headed to the famous 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympic games Park. They were given full access to the adrenalin pumping rides such as extreme tubing and ziplining. Surrounded by blue sky and Utah’s breathtaking scenery, who wouldn’t want to fly through the air?

The final evening saw our qualifiers dress to impress as we treated them to one classy final evening with a fine dining 3-course meal. Here they shared their memories, their best moments and some delicious food before heading back to the hotel. Good memories made for a good night of rest.


Day 4: Tears were shed, and goodbyes were sentimental as we gave them their farewell Modere branded gifts and wished them safe travels.

We had the chance of getting to know some incredible, ambitious and humble Social Marketers during these four days. We can truly say that they fully-deserved this action and learning packed trip to the US. And we hope we gave them the inspiration, experience and information they need to get back and build an even stronger business than before.

Congratulations again to everyone who made it to Utah:

Anne-Sophie Bourdiec & guest

Corinne Castells & guest

Léopoldine Tacharramoute & guest

Géraldine Liguori & guest

Romain Lefèvre & guest

Daphné Thoraud & guest

Océane Lagadec & guest

Marie Martine Delpiano & guest

Christelle Manem

Karima Boudriga

Marine Le digabel

Laetitia Petit

Benjamin Fryon

Amélie Collin


And congratulations also to everyone who Qualified but were unable to join everyone on the long haul this time!

Cassandra Launay

Charly Manoy

Clémence Marchadour

Elodie Raimbault

Elodie Leone

Lisa Gilabert

Mohammed Ifqirne

Rebecca Riviera

Aurélie Toural

Cynthia Volin

Dylan Barresi

Gaëlle Legaie

Kevin Galarato

Marine Letouarin

Ralf Kulitz

Emilie Petrovice

Silvester Graf