Modere Customers are by definition consumers, i.e. individuals who purchase our products because they like them and they wish to use them at home. Therefore, the only agreements that customers have with Modere are the Terms of Use for use of the website and the Conditions of Sale. Both of these agreements are available to view in Modere’s General Terms and Conditions.

All Social Marketers you should respect the nature of a Customer account and not use a Customer account for your own purposes. While the spirit of Customer introducing other customers rides high in our business model you should always be personally referring your new Customers to Modere yourself.

We reward you for this personal referral effort through the Compensation Plan.

And remember, Customers who are referred by other Customers do not consent to being contacted by you. Your Back Office reports respect their privacy  – these individuals are not identified to you and will be marked as Private.  If you want to stay in touch with your customer base then always remember to personally Sponsor and seek their permission.  When they acknowledge that in their account you will see their details in your reports.

See below for the specific clause in our Policies and Procedures that refers to this obligation.


Regardless of their level of achievement, Social Marketers have an ongoing obligation to continue to personally promote sales through the generation of new Customers.