We all left the SRC 2019 in Lyon with incredible memories. It made us want to keep DISRUPTING over and over again. So, as we are all craving the energy and atmosphere that DISRUPT gave us back in March, we have decided that the Regional event taking place on the Saturday 12th of October 2019 in Strasbourg will be the perfect occasion to keep going. It’s funny how addictive events really are!

DISRUPT is more than a theme, or a banner. It is an intention. A very positive one which wants to show people a way they can make wonderful changes in their lives, show them what Modere products are all about – how they are specially formulated and work so well – and how they can give our customers wonderful experiences and great results every day. And we want Modere Social Marketers to help us to do that – and at the same time, with effort and determination, to open up new opportunities in their lives.

The Regional is taking place on one BIG day only. Why? We wanted to give you and your teams the time to meet-up on the Sunday, to catch-up after a busy day and A LOT of exciting new information to start strategising the end of your year. You don’t always get the chance to all be in the same place at the same time, so take advantage of this weekend to regroup and challenge yourself to make the end of 2019, even more successful than last year.


Join us at the Strasbourg Convention & Exhibition Centre on October 12th 2019 to get your Modere event fix. And if you are one of the 50 first to buy your ticket, you will receive a free ticket to share with someone you think really deserves it!  To book your ticket, head to EventBrite NOW!  

PRICE: 49€ per person (incl. VAT)

LOCATION: Palais de la Musique et des Congrès, Place de Bordeaux, 67082 Strasbourg, France



Our Product Development teams are always busy – and we’ll be sharing their hard work with you.  We’ll be looking at new products to get your 4th Quarter into fine shape.

You know how it is, we’ll give you the complete low down and share the tools you can use to spread the word.

And if you can want to try it, we’ll make sure you can try out the new stuff on the day


It’s a lively time of year where consumer expectations are high – so we’ll kick off the key promotional activities that will be shaping up through the end of the year and into 2020. 


Social Marketers do it for the love – and also to support their own dreams, and those of others.  We’re there to help where we can, and it is at events like this that we can get you up and running

We’ll keep you up to date on big business promotions, essential business trainings and treat you to the shared insight of great Social Marketer leaders, special guest speakers and also the Modere Executive Team.

*Terms and conditions apply.