Product supply update

Thanks to the hard work of our Social Marketers, Modere continues to experience substantial growth in each of our key market regions.

Your talents and enthusiasm in building our brand never fail to dazzle. We’re buoyed by the growth in our customer base, and supremely confident that our innovative Social Retail business model has been well and truly validated.

And it still feels like the best is yet to come.

With the creation of Modere, we introduced a series of strategic plans to support the long-term penetration of the brand, the business model, and a stable foundation for Social Marketer enterprise in the European market.

While our robust strategies, unmatched product quality, and a commitment to our mission have been significant strengths, we know there are some areas that we must improve.

Recently, we have been unable to maintain the quality standards of service you deserve, including our ability to support steady sales with a continuous supply of your customers’ favourite Modere products. We don’t like gaps, and we recognize how they disrupt your business.

Please know that we hear you, we understand your frustration, and we’re dedicated to making things right as quickly as possible.

Our tremendous sales growth throughout 2017 has placed unforeseen pressure on our global supply chain.

Because our production and quality control processes are largely based in the United States, we’re maintaining strict oversight every step of the way, from manufacturing to overseas shipment, customs, and delivery to our warehouses. We’ve made it a priority to manage these complex logistical challenges as efficiently as possible.

The choice is ours to closely monitor the entire process, and more importantly it is intrinsic to our brand.

For that reason, Modere is currently taking the following immediate actions to resolve this situation.

  1. We are reallocating significant financial resources to support the supply chain. Simply put, we are investing more cash toward ingredients and components purchases, and accelerating our production line schedule.
  2. We are expediting finished goods within hours of release from quality control.
  3. We are consciously clearing unnecessary delays of critical items. While there is value in consolidating shipments for operational and environmental efficiency, we are ensuring that items ready to leave manufacturing are processed immediately.
  4. We are opting to use air shipment whenever in doubt. If a product shipment is split between air and ocean transport, we are taking steps to ensure that the air shipment will also cover any potential delays in the ocean schedule.
  5. We’re working with our local logistical partners to expedite the transfer of stock released from customs to our order assembly lines.
  6. With a focus on our growth regions, our main theatres of operation will remain Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan.

Wherever possible, we are sharing and reallocating available stock between these markets and other regions to support sales.

This brings us to the next question: When will the problem be fully resolved?
While it is hard to be precise in light of the multiple complexities of the situation, we have already begun to plug the gaps.

We are working to accelerate movement of inventory with a priority on restoring the full availability of our key products. You will begin to see many improvements imminently, and we anticipate a significant improvement in our stock situation over the next 2- 3 months.

Through 2018 and beyond, Modere will continue to pound the innovation trail as well, delivering exciting new products alongside perennial consumer favourites.

We continue to welcome every new customer and Social Marketer to our brand with safe, effective, world-class products — and we are committed to upgrading our support of consumer continuity through the simple fulfillment of product orders.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we actively work to manage these growing pains. We’re grateful for your continued partnership and support, and committed to restoring the excellent standards of service you and your customers have come to expect from Modere.