Preparations for the SRC

We’re inching closer and closer to the Social Retail Conference happening on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2019 in Lyon. And the Modere Europe teams are as busy as you can imagine preparing the biggest event of the year. We like to make it really special and different each year so planning is key. We thought we’d let you in on a few of our projects, so you can get the insider info on what’s new. We are so excited!

  • Our team of style-forward merchandisers are coming up with some fantastic new and improved items that are both useful AND trendy for you to get your hands on in our Modere Goodie Shop. You’ll leave Lyon ready to get back to your proactive and business forward self, whilst looking successful with your new Modere Gear. We can’t wait to show you the goods!
  • We’re also really excited to announce that this year we will be collaborating with a great charity based in Lyon. We have chosen to work alongside Filactions, an organization who fights against domestic violence and violence against women. Modere works alongside strong women from all types of backgrounds, so we thought that Filactions would truly resonate with you and our vision of empowering Social Marketers, regardless of gender. At the SRC you will have the choice to donate whatever amount you feel appropriate. This can be done through the Modere Goodie Shop. We hope you will feel as compassionate as we do in giving back through this worthwhile cause. Let’s dig deep and help as much as we can together!
  • And finally, one of our expert event site inspectors has been on a serious trip to Lyon to preview the SRC event location and make sure it’s up to Modere standards. Her criteria of grandeur and incredibility were important and she has given her seal of approval to the Centre de Congrès de Lyon. It will be up to scratch to fit us all in on the first week-end of March. She told us: “For me, the city was even more beautiful and vibrant than in my memory (I visited last around 15 years ago). And the facilities for the event looked amazing. It will be one of the best venues we have had so far in term of standing!”. Here are some undercover pics she sent us!!

These are just a few of the great plans that we are getting our teeth stuck into at the moment. We look forward to greeting you in Lyon to enjoy this euphoric weekend with us. But in the meantime, our teams will keep working following our model of excellence only.