Platinum 3 : Christelle Manem, Emilie Bernard, Laëtitia Thebault and Melanie Martini
Christelle Manem, Platinum 3

Christelle Manem

“Hello everyone, I’m Christelle‌ and 18 months ago I embarked on my adventure with Modere.

Hello everyone, I’m Christelle‌ and 18 months ago I embarked on my adventure with Modere.

I have always managed to achieve a Platinum 2 or 1 and to be honest I thought that Platinum 3 was completely crazy and I wondered whether it was possible to ever reach a position like that!

On my way back from the SRC in Lyon, I thought to myself, of course you can do it! I realised that I was actually putting obstacles in my way, all on my own, so I just decided to do the Platinum 3, and with all the wonderful energy from the SRC, the incredible promotions and our fabulous products, it all happened on its own!

Have faith in our products, because they are great, and believe in this company, because it is outstanding and allows us to become even better and to excel!

Thank you, Modere, for all these experiences!

Believe me when I say that anyone can do it!

Emilie Bernard, Platinum 3

Emilie Bernard:

“Hello everyone, my name is Emilie, I’m 38 and I live in a small village in the Jura region of eastern France.

I am the mother of a little boy aged 3, and I’ve been a Social Marketer since 2018.
This job means I can enjoy being with my family, particularly my little fella Milo who has Down’s Syndrome, and who requires special attention.

Promoting and recommending Live Clean via MODERE products has become a real passion for me!
Every day I enjoy mentoring and helping hundreds of people feel good about themselves and achieve their goals!

It means that I can combine my personal and working lives, and above all, I can flourish, push myself beyond my limits and challenge myself.

Thank you, MODERE, for changing our everyday lives.”

Laëtitia Thabault, Platinum 3

Laëtitia Thebault:

“I’m Laëtitia… I’m 30 and I have two young daughters 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧…

☆ I’m having a simply fantastic experience… 🙏 full of fun, sharing, and above all it’s a personal journey 💕

I am really, really GRATEFUL 🙏😉 to MODERE for changing my life completely… 😍🙏

Today I am a mother who is living life to the full with this job, and I meet people who are just more and more amazing 💖

😉😊 The Platinum 3 … What a story 😍 I’ve always told myself “I want to smash the top sales position” … and I did…

at the SRC in Lyon on 2 March, after all the crazy announcements, I said to my teams … this month I’m doing my PLATINUM 3, I just have to do it… 😍😉 I was on fire 🚀

I said … there was no turning back 😱 and I owed it to myself to be authentic with my teams and show them that you always have to have faith in your dreams, and that everything is possible… When you set yourself a goal, you stay true to it, no matter what 💪😉

I smashed the Platinum 3 with practically 11,000 points 😱

☆ Follow your dreams…and above all, believe in yourself… don’t give up … and never, ever make excuses that might distract you from your goals … stay FOCUSED … 

Thank you Modere for allowing us to succeed… I’m not planning on stopping there 😍”

Melanie Martinie, Platinum 3

Melanie Martini:

“I’m going back a little over a month…

Lyon! Event! Disrupt…

First of all, I was already very grateful and thankful when I went up for my Platinum 1 award. 

Then it was the turn of for the Platinum 2s and then the 3s! And that’s when I said to myself, “I want that Platinum 3!”

One month later, I was able to enjoy the thrill of having made it a reality! 

When you hear… “Anyone can do it!” it’s completely true! 

What’s special about me? Nothing! I am pretty shy and not particularly confident… but I’ve learnt to outdo myself! 

The things that can make a difference are patience, determination and hard work! 

Believe in yourself!”