Platinum 3: Céline Feuillebois, Tifany Ward and Sahismail Geze

Congratulations on your achievements!

Céline Feuillebois Platinum 3 – April

My name is Céline, and I am a mum of an 11-year-old boy!! I have juggled 2 to 3 jobs for a long time to have everything we need, then I came across network marketing!

I’ve been with Modere since January 2019, and now I’ve started a new chapter in my life, one where I can combine my professional life and motherhood!

True happiness!!!!!

In April, I set myself a goal…. To be Platinum 1….. but when April 30th came around I was Platinum 3 for the first time….. In 1 month I have validated 3 new sales titles….. I’m thrilled….. I had some trouble achieving it!!!!

But the amount of gratitude I got from my team, from Modere…. made me understand that I had done well!!!!!!
Now I know that everything is possible!!!!

Thank you so much.


Sahismail Geze Platinum 3 – April

Success is no wonder.
If you want it, you can do it💪😍



Tifany Wayda Platinum 3 – April

I am very pleased to have reached the prestigious PLATINIUM 3 title!
Modere put things in place and gave us the opportunity to go outside our comfort zone! That’s what I’ve done!

My very close customer follow-up allowed me to reach this position a week before the end of the month!

Thank you, for helping us change lives.

Marine Le Digabel Platinum 3 – April

Hello, I’m Marine from Lyon, I’m 30 years old and I am the mother of 2 little kids.

What to say: INCREDIBLE I am SO HAPPY to have achieved this top position of PLATINIUM 3! When I joined the company my OBJECTIVE was to achieve the first BRONZE sales title, I did not have the vision i have today that this activity would allow me to reach this level!!!
A real PASSION, a clientele with great COMPLICITY and CONFIDENCE.

Never doubt yourself. You are capable of much more than you think!