The Envision SRC is the perfect occasion to meet-up with your teams, share and receive business insights and learn all about how to promote the latest, greatest additions to the product range. Leadership is so important for this business.

So, we wanted to make some special time for the European Elites and Platinum 3.  We know that they are among the leaders who take time out of their busy personal schedules to support Social Marketers in their teams. It can be hard work sometimes and really is the sign of great Leadership.  So, we’re giving them something special prior to SRC – with our first Masterclass event!

Masterclass kicks-off on Friday March 13th, and we’re making some very special arrangements to welcome our guests right into the heart of the Modere offices in Brussels.  It will be a plush day out for sure – and we think it will be very inspiring too.

Our business model and opportunity are built around training, inspiration and sharing and our exclusive guest list will enjoy insight from global Social Marketer leaders and members of the corporate executive team. This is where these special Elite and Platinum 3 guests will really get to ENVISION 2020 – and beyond.

Then it’s time to let off a little steam while keeping some energy reserved for the next couple of days.  So we’ll kick of the weekend celebrations with a cocktail party for those Masterclass guests and extending the party invitation to Platinum 2 and Director 3 ranks – and there will be a few goodies to share along the way!

We look forward to having many more new Elites and Platinum 3 joining us for our next Masterclass. Will you be one of them?!