We are excited to unveil the new SmartShip & Save look and feel to the website today with the goal of improving and streamlining your shopping experience!


Your Quick Shop page is your one-stop shop for placing orders efficiently. You will now be able to view and sort all products to make a one-time purchase or add items to your SmartShip order directly from the Quick Shop page. To view all Modere products go to your Modere website, click SHOP >> QUICK SHOP.

By selecting add to cart the item you will need to select the quantity of the item you desire and then click on the little cart and the item(s) will be immediately added to your shopping cart. On selecting Add to SmartShip you will need to select the quantity of the item you desire and then click on the little truck in order to add the items to your SmartShip profile. You will then be required to login in order to begin adding additional items to your SmartShip Profile.


The SmartShip Manager will indicate your current and next month’s processing date, as well as your applicable SmartShip savings and your SmartShip Loyalty Rewards. You’ll also be able to view and edit your SmartShip total, shipping address, and payment information. And you can see all the items in your SmartShip.

You have two options for new orders within your SmartShip Manager. If you need some items sooner, you can place a partial SmartShip order to be delivered before your next scheduled processing date. Simply select the items you want and click “Order NOW”, and your partial SmartShip order will process within 24 hours. This will not affect your next scheduled SmartShip order, which will process in its entirety on your next recurring SmartShip date.

If you’d like to expedite delivery of your entire SmartShip order before the next scheduled date, select all items and click “Order NOW”. This order will process the following day, and will update your recurring SmartShip date to the same day the following month and thereafter.


VOLUME UPDATES: Due to once-daily processing of SmartShip orders, volumes will not reflect updates until all SmartShip orders submitted during that day are successfully validated the following morning at 3 am CEST / 2 am BST, even if a SmartShip order is selected to process immediately through the ORDER NOW functionality.

For example, if you were to place a SmartShip order on October 25th at 5pm CEST / 4pm BST using the “ORDER NOW” button, your order would process on October 26th at 3am CEST /  2am BST. Volume would reflect this order on the morning of the 26th, not on the 25th. 

We know you will enjoy these incredible web enhancements!