New Leader Conference 2023 Qualifiers

Congratulations to all our Social Marketers who are qualified for the exclusive New Leader Conference 2023 in Brussels, Belgium!

Between July and November 2022, the following Social Marketers advanced to Director 1 or a higher rank OR to Platinum 1 or a higher title for the very first time since their Social Marketer account commenced in July 2022.

Alena Horová – Czech Republic
Aqila Munawar – United Kingdom
Elodie Migliaccio – Switzerland
Isabelle Verhaeghe – Belgium
Lacey Houston-Mcphee – United Kingdom
Markéta Šírková – Czech Republic
Michelle Groote – Netherlands
Miriam Proietto – Germany
Ninon Byrman – Netherlands
Reshma Patel – United Kingdom
Salma Khatoon – United Kingdom
Sara Magnusson Backstrom – Sweden
Sigrid De Buck – Bulgaria

Between July and November 2022, the following Social Marketers who had not yet achieved Director 1+ or Platinum 1+ before July 2022 qualified Director 1+ or Platinum 1+ or higher at least 2 out of 5 months during the qualification period.

Aagya Khanal Dhakal – United Kingdom
Alen Stupkova – Czech Republic
Alisson Gauthier / Vautrin – France
Amira Baddouri – Netherlands
Ashley Carr – United Kingdom
Beth Brannan – United Kingdom
Candice Ferret – France
Daphne Joling Dekker – Netherlands
Diana Danila – United Kingdom
Ellie Sandin – Sweden
Jackie Pilato – United Kingdom
Jana Němečková – Czech Republic
Jennaleigh Sharpe – United Kingdom
Kulwinder Kaur – United Kingdom
Laura Murphy – United Kingdom
Manuela Malatesta – Italy
Melanie Ben Ammar – France
Misbah Khurram – United Kingdom
Pavla Berto – Czech Republic
Reena Rayamajhi – United Kingdom
Zuzana Gabríková – Slovak Republic

Between July and November 2022, the following Social Marketers re-qualified Director 1+ or Platinum 1+ or higher at least 3 out of 5 months during the qualification period.

Ahtasham Zafar – United Kingdom
Anaïs Torres – France
Anastasiia Slobodian – Ukraine
Benedicte Jacquet Docq – Spain
Beverley Middleton – United Kingdom
Binu Lamichhane – United Kingdom
Brianna Elsley – United Kingdom
Carole Quersin – France
Carolyn Greenhalgh – United Kingdom
Cassandra Launay – France
Claire West – United Kingdom
Daphné Thoraud – France
Dorine Legris – France
Elisabeth Schwarz-Schmid – Switzerland
Els Goormans – Belgium
Françoise Hanoul – Belgium
Géraldine Liguori – France
Gunnar Valsson – Iceland
Hayley Netser – United Kingdom
Hera Gunnarsdottir – Iceland
Irina Nagal – Ukraine
Iryna Bazylevska – Ukraine
Jeannie Viskinde – Denmark
Jessica Braillon – France
Julie Millot – France
Kelly Houghton – United Kingdom
Laura Fearn – United Kingdom
Laurence Gaud – France
Lenka Kondášová – Czech Republic
Liudmyla Bykova – Ukraine
Luxmi Devi – United Kingdom
Madline Cabanon – France
Mamata Rai – United Kingdom
Marialuna Damgaard – Denmark
Marie-Martine Delpiano – France
Mary Parkes – United Kingdom
Maryna Pavlova – Ukraine
Maryse Matagne – Belgium
Michelle Connelly – United Kingdom
Miluše Krejčíková – Czech Republic
Monika Čejková – Czech Republic
Natalie Johnson – United Kingdom
Nikita Maratier – France
Nikol Pospíchalová – Czech Republic
Oksana Stefurak – Ukraine
Olena Zhydkova – Poland
Oliver Muncaster – United Kingdom
Olivia Furnival – France
Pascale Dufy – France
Poonam Joshi – United Kingdom
Preeti Kanda – United Kingdom
Rajwinder Kaur – Italy
Ralf Kulitz – Germany
Reetu Kamat – United Kingdom
Regina Bierman – Netherlands
Richard Marsaud – Andorra, Principality of
Rina Shrestha – United Kingdom
Rukshanda Ahmed – Germany
Sahismail Geze – Switzerland
Sergiy Goloyukh – Ukraine
Silvester Graf – Germany
Sonia Nayyar – United Kingdom
Stéphanie Lecomte – France
Sudha Shrestha – United Kingdom
Tanisha Vedhara – United Kingdom
Valerie Harris – United Kingdom

There is one month left to qualify for the New Leader Conference as the qualification period runs until 31st December 2022. Click here to access full Terms & Conditions

Qualification Reward

During the New Leader Conference, you’ll enjoy exclusive training by inspiring keynote speakers such as Frazer Brookes and Modere corporate leaders. These powerful sessions will help you learn effective tactics such as how to keep your business skyrocketing and how to inspire leadership in others.

We offer this experience for up to 2 individuals per qualified account. Regarding the language of the training, please note that Modere’s corporate language is English. French, Italian, Spanish or German support may be provided depending on the number of participants attending the meeting with these language requirements.

  • Exclusive Leader Training & celebratory dinner for qualifier & guest on Saturday, 22nd April 2023.¹

  • Select either 1 overnight & travel stipend (value 150€/£125) or 2 overnights in a shared standard twin or double bed room.

Overnights will be at a company-designated hotel in Brussels either from Saturday, 22nd to Sunday, 23rd or from Friday, 21st to Sunday, 23rd depending on your reward selection. Breakfast will be covered by Modere.

¹ May be a co-applicant or another guest nominated by yourself. All attendees’ names must be confirmed to us in writing using the participation form Modere will provide (see clause 13 of the Terms and Conditions).