New Leader Conference 2023 – How do I qualify?

Seize your opportunity & qualify for the exclusive
New Leader Conference 2023 in Brussels, Belgium!

During the New Leader Conference, you’ll enjoy exclusive training by inspiring keynote speakers and Modere corporate leaders. These powerful sessions will help you learn effective tactics to keep your business skyrocketing, what makes Modere different, and how to inspire leadership in others.


During the qualification period of 1st July to 31st December 2022, either;

  • Having joined Modere on or after July 1st 2022, advance to Director 1 or a higher rank OR to Platinum 1 or a higher title for the very first time since your Social Marketer account commenced.OR
  • As an existing Social Marketer before 1st July 2022 and not having qualified yet as Director 1 OR Platinum 1, re-qualify Director 1+ or Platinum 1+ at least 2 out of 6 months during the qualification periodOR
  • As an existing Social Marketer before 1st July 2022 and having already qualified at either Director 1 or Platinum 1, re-qualify Director 1+ or Platinum 1+ at least 3 out of 6 months during the qualification period.


  • Exclusive Leader Training3 & celebratory dinner for qualifier & guest.¹
  • Select either 1 overnight & travel stipend (value 150€/£125) or 2 overnights in a shared standard twin or double bed room.2

¹ We offer this experience for up to 2 individuals per qualified account which may be a co-applicant or another guest nominated by yourself. All attendees’ names must be confirmed to us in writing using the participation form Modere will provide (see clause 13 of the Terms and Conditions).

2 Overnights will be at a company-designated hotel in Brussels either from Friday to Saturday or from Friday to Sunday depending on your selection. Breakfast will be covered by Modere.

3 Regarding the language of the training, please note that Modere’s corporate language is English. French, Italian, Spanish or German support may be provided depending on the number of participants attending the meeting with these language requirements.


  1. The Organiser of this promotion is Modere Europe BV, Telecomlaan 9, 1831 Diegem, Belgium (the “organiser”).
  2. The Modere Europe New Leader Conference (NLC) business promotion (the “promotion”, or “NLC”) is open to all Social Marketers based in one of the European countries supported by Modere Europe.
  3. Modere will disqualify volume generated by multiple accounts belonging to the same person.
  4. In the event that purchases which contributed to a qualification are returned, the qualification may be retracted.
  5. Qualifiers for the New Leader Conference are required to make their own travel arrangements to and from the airport in their country of residence. Qualifiers should ensure that they are in possession of the proper travel documentation prior to booking any travel arrangements. The same applies to their guest.
  6. Modere New Leader Conference accommodation covers lodging at a Modere selected hotel.
  7. Reward includes either one or two nights, with breakfast included for up to two participants per qualifying account. *please be aware: any other beverages taken outside the above package will NOT be covered by Modere and therefore added to your hotel bill.
  8. The organiser will pay the qualifying account a lump sum of €150/£125 to cover travel expenses, if the reward including one overnight is selected. If the reward of two overnights is selected, then no travel expense lump sum will be allocated
  9. Payment of the lump sum will be made to the bank account recorded in the Modere database for the qualifying account.
  10. The New Leader Conference qualification is non-transferable. At least one of the attendees of the trip must be a member of the qualified account. The other attendee is at the discretion of the qualified account. A non-qualified guest cannot attend if the qualified member cancels his/her participation. Modere will not pay compensation if a qualifier does not bring a guest.
  11. Modere reserves the right to refuse access to a guest.
  12. The participation number of the New Leader Conference event are limited and will be awarded to the first qualified accounts who confirm their participation.
  13. Qualifiers will be contacted directly regarding the programme and details of the New Leader Conference and all related arrangements.
  14. The reward must be redeemed during the designated New Leader Conference date. No alternative prize or cash equivalent will be awarded if a qualifier declines to participate for any reason, is unable or fails to attend for any reason after confirming their participation.
  15. All qualifiers must confirm their participation with the Organiser. If a qualifier fails to attend the New Leader Conference after confirming participation, the prize will be forfeited.
  16. Information requested by Modere from the qualifiers to finalise hotel bookings and meals must be submitted by the deadline Modere will provide.
  17. The Organiser reserves the right to invite individuals and Social Marketers at their discretion and attendance is by invitation only.
  18. All entrants must be aged 18 or over and hold a valid passport.
  19. The qualifiers will be recognised in Modere Europe media.
  20. The confirmation of participation in the New Leader Conference by the qualifier constitutes permission for the Organiser to use the qualifier’s (and their guest’s) name, pictures, voice and stories in the Modere Memo, on the Modere Websites, Blog and other media used by Modere to promote its business.
  21. Any misuse or misappropriation of qualifications will constitute disqualification.
  22. Qualifiers must be in good standing with Modere to participate at the New Leader Conference.
  23. Qualified accounts who sell their membership, resign, are in any way no longer registered active Qualifiers, or have been suspended from activity at any time up to and including the dates of the New Leader Conference, will no longer be eligible.
  24. Qualifiers assume all liability for any injury or damage caused, or claimed to be caused including computer malfunction, by participating in any and all activities associated with the event.
  25. This promotion may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice by Modere.
  26. All decisions relating to the business promotion are at the sole discretion of the Organiser and are final.