Modere Social Marketer Rewards & Recognition Opportunities

We take pride in the accomplishments of our Social Marketers, from the grandest of feats to the smallest of victories. Celebrating every success makes it easier to appreciate how far we have come while staying focused on what lies ahead.

We have several initiatives that encourage you to advance your business, earn prizes and congratulate team members on their successes! See below for an overview of our ongoing qualification programs and their brief descriptions.

In addition to the many ways we recognize achievements, we also find small, meaningful ways to show our deep appreciation. Whether it be a new rank/title advancement, a birthday, the holidays, or a special event, we want to celebrate YOU! We take these opportunities to remind that you are often on our minds and in our hearts.

Beginning April 17th 2023, we will be rolling out our new title advancement rewards! You will now receive a congratulatory message from our CEO, Asma Ishaq! In addition to this amazing message, you will also receive a digital title advancement certificate, social media shareables and a sleek title advancement reward brick.

These rewards will be delivered following the close of the month, however, the social media shareables will be sent the DAY you rank/title advance. These digital rewards will start at the Senior Consultant and Bronze titles, while the title advancement bricks start at Team Leader and Gold.

Modere Rewards

The Modere Rewards program is a way to show off all the benefits of being a Modere Social Marketer. We pride ourselves on having the most innovative and disruptive compensation plan in the industry, but being a Modere Social Marketer is so much more than that. And there are other benefits that have become part of our culture including: the XM One Experience, Business Promotions, Rank & Title Advancement recognition. We also have live events like our Social Retail Conference and the October Tours. We have leadership development with the New Leader Conference, and exclusive retreats for our Platinum Blacks and Elite Blacks. Lastly, Modere has the most accessible rewards trip in the industry – Modere Escape.


The Modere Rewards Digital Flipbook outlines all the benefits, opportunities, and excitement of being a Modere Social Marketer in a stunning, easy-to-use format. We want you to use the flipbook as you vision-cast and goal set with those on your team or those who will be on your team soon.

Where can I access the Modere Rewards Digital Flipbook?

You can find the flipbook here.

It will also be available in the Back Office and on Facebook then.

Is the Flipbook something I can share with others through email or messenger?

Yes! You can share the link to the Buzz page after it has been released.


Title & Rank Advancements

From the moment a new rank and or/title is reached, we ensure you feel the excitement and accomplishment of achieving your new rank and or/title. Our CEO, Asma Ishaq, has taken the time to ensure you feel a sense of accomplishment by congratulating you with a video message at each new title advancement, starting with Senior Consultant and Bronze. We know you’ll want to share that excitement on your favorite social media platforms, so we curated an easy-to-use digital template that you customize with your picture and name. These digital elements will be sent following the close of the month.

To honor your achievements, you will receive a beautiful title and/or rank advancement brick to display each time you achieve a new title, starting with Team Leader and Gold. This reward will be sent following the close of the month when you have title and/or rank advanced.


Rank Advancements

Each month, Social Marketers reach new ranks by building their teams. These ranks range from Senior Consultant to Elite Black 3. When you achieve a new rank you earn a higher percentage of your Social Marketer team revenue! In addition to financial rewards, you also get a rank advancement brick, a congratulatory message from our CEO, Asma Ishaq, an advancement certificate, recognition on the Recognition call, and recognition at the annual Social Retail Conference!

Rank advancements are calculated by the 15th of the calendar month following the achievement. Rank advancement bricks will be sent shortly after.

Rank titles:

  • Senior Consultant
  • Team Leader
  • Senior Team Leader
  • Director 1
  • Director 2
  • Director 3
  • Elite 1
  • Elite 2
  • Elite 3
  • Elite Black 1
  • Elite Black 2
  • Elite Black 3


Promoter (Title) Advancements

When you reach important milestones in monthly customer sales, you are rewarded and recognized with new promoter titles! These titles range from Bronze to Platinum Black 3. By earning a new promoter title, you earn a higher percentage on the revenue of your customer pod! You’ll also title advancement brick, plus a congratulatory message from our CEO, Asma Ishaq,  an advancement certificate, recognition on the Recognition Call, and recognition at our annual Social Retail Conference!

Title advancements are calculated by the 15th of the month following the achievement. Title advancement bricks as of Gold will be sent shortly after.

Promoter Titles:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Platinum 1
  • Platinum 2
  • Platinum 3
  • Platinum Black 1
  • Platinum Black 2
  • Platinum Black 3


Top Customer Sales & Top enrollers

Our Leaderboard of the Top Social Marketers with the most customer points in their customer pods is updated every Monday as are our Top Enrollers. If you have one of the top Customer Pods/Top Enrollers in a single month, you’ll be recognized on the Monthly Kick-Off Call.

Our Leaderboards are posted weekly on our One Voice FB groups


New Leader Conference

This event is geared towards new Social Marketers who are achieving key Modere ranks. This qualifying event includes exclusive trainings that will only be available to those who meet the requirements to attend this event. You don’t want to miss it!


XMONE Programme

XMONE is a fast-track programme that gives qualifiers who achieve Silver/Team Leader within their first full month the opportunity to earn an exclusive Modere Gift of their choice. Rewards include giftcards of your favourite online store of a value of 300€/£275 or if you decide to receive the amount transferred to your bank account, the value is 250€ / £225

Check it out here:



Modere invites Social Marketers to an incredible getaway – the Modere Escape trip. Designed to be the most accessible rewards trip in the industry, these annual success trips reward Social Marketers who satisfy all requirements during the qualification period. You can qualify for free accommodation, airfare and even luxury suites. For more information on how to qualify for our 2023 Escape trip,



When will the recognition revamp with the new title/rank advancement rewards begin?

The new title/rank advancement rewards will begin in May 2023 with the April 2023 advancements. The January 2023, February 2023 & March 2023 advancements will receive the pocket clip/necklace title advancement rewards with the order following their advancement.

Will I receive a title advancement reward for my title advancement in 2022?

Yes, prior to the 2023 revamp, titles Elite 1+ and Platinum 3+ received a title advancement brick for the highest title achieved for that year. We will be sending out the title advancement reward brick for 2022 in April. Following the revamp, bricks will be sent monthly starting at Team Leader and Gold.

How will the title advancement reward brick be sent?

Prior to the revamp, the title advancement rewards (pocket clip/jewelry) were sent on a quarterly basis. Starting April 2023, the title advancement reward bricks will be sent separately and automatically following the close of the month.

If I title advance multiple times within one month, will I receive a brick for each title I advanced?

No, you will receive a title advancement reward brick for the highest new achieved title in one month.

Where can I find my current title?

This information can be found when you log in to your back office on , under your name on the Business Dashboard.

What do I receive at each advancement and when?

Below is a chart outlining the type of recognition earned for each rank and/or title advancement.

When will I receive my title/rank advancement rewards?

You will receive your advancement rewards the following month, but your social media shareables will be delivered the day after you rank up.

Where will my certificate and congratulatory message be sent to?

Your recognition will be sent to the email you have listed in your back office on Shifting Retail. Make sure it is updated and accurate!

Can I specify the name I want to be used in my recognition?

You will be recognized as the name you have listed under “Recognition Name” in your back office. We will default to your first and last name as it is listed on your account, however, you can edit your recognition name to suit your preferences. For example, if your name is Madison and you prefer Maddie, you can edit that in your back office.

When will I be recognized at SRC?

You will be recognized at our Social Retail Conference if you achieved a new title for the first time in the previous year. You will only be recognized for the highest title you reached. For example, if you reached Silver, Gold, and Platinum in a single year, you will be recognized at the Platinum level.

What should I do if I haven’t received my title advancement reward brick?

If you have not received your title advancement reward brick by the end of the month following your title advancement, please contact for assistance.