Modere: for the good of the greatest number!

“Why should man desire a long life, unless it is to be useful to the greatest number of people?” I’ve always been struck by how this motto from Erasmus dating back to the 15th century can make sense of our modest existence.

Going into partnership with Modere, I finally took this motto to heart which fits Modere’s mission so well: I help people move into a healthier way of life and a more prosperous life, to grow old healthy and in comfort, to make their plans and even their dreams come true! I help people to have a “Lively Life”.

Working alongside Modere, I progress towards the best version of myself and alongside with those who are driven by the same values and aspirations. By inspiring each other, we build a better world together, more respectful of life and the planet.

It is within everyone’s reach, thanks to Modere and our commitment!

Patricia Ghyoros, Team Leader, Gold