Summer is going to be HOTTER than ever thanks to our Modere Europe Rank UP promotion giving you access to some scorching bonuses this summer!

Simply rank up over your May 2022 paid Builder Title or Promoter Rank in July and/or August and receive the Summer Rank Up Bonus as outlined in the below table!


Team Leader 100€/£
Senior Team Leader 200€/£
Director 1 500€/£
Director 2 750€/£
Director 3 1,500€/£
Elite 1 2,000€/£
Elite 2 2,500€/£
Elite 3 3,000€/£


Promoter – €
Bronze 25€/£
Silver 50€/£
Gold 100€/£
Platinum 150€/£
Platinum 1 250€/£
Platinum 2 400€/£
Platinum 3 550€/£
Platinum Black 1 1,000€/£
Platinum Black 2 2,000€/£
Platinum Black 3 3,000€/£


Can I earn bonuses for ranking up on both the Promoter and Builder side of the compensation plan?
Yes – You can earn a maximum of two Rank Up Bonuses in any calendar month, one for the Builder side of the plan and one for the Promoter side of the plan. 

If I advance three ranks above my May title/rank, would I earn a bonus for all three ranks? 
No, you would be paid the Rank Up Bonus for the highest achieved paid title/rank over your May paid title/rank.  There are no stacking options for this bonus.

Example: My highest achieved rank is Elite 2. My paid as rank for May 2022 was Director 3. If my paid as rank in July and/or August is Elite 1 do I qualify for the Rank Up Bonus? 

Example: My highest achieved title is Platinum 3. My paid as title for May 2022 was Platinum. If my paid as title in July, and/or August is Platinum 1 do I qualify for the Rank Up Bonus? 

If I advance my May Builder rank and/or Promoter title in July and then maintain those same ranks/titles in August, do I still get paid a Rank Up Bonus in August
Yes – As long as your monthly paid Builder Rank and/or Promoter Title are higher than your May paid rank/title, you will receive the Rank Up Bonus.  

When and how will these bonuses be paid? 
The Rank Up Bonus will be paid to the qualifying Social Marketer, in good standing, with their monthly commissions. 

Can a new Social Marketer earn the Rank Up Bonuses? 
Yes – If a new Social Marketer (who joins in June) reaches a Builder Rank and/or Promoter Title listed above their first month,
they can qualify for a Rank Up Bonus. 

Can a new SM earn both the XM ONE Programme and the Rank Up Bonuses?

Where can I go to see my May 2022 paid Builder Rank and Promoter Title? 
Login to your backoffice via or – select your Earnings & tax statement in your commissions section. 

Is the Rank Up Bonus related or connected to the Team Builder Bonus? 


PLEASE NOTE: If more than 10% of the volume in a qualifying bonus month is returned in a subsequent month the promotion is active, Modere reserves the right to clawback the promotional bonuses by the return percentage.