Modere Europe Compensation Plan Update Announcement – March 2021

We’re very excited to announce an exciting improvement to the Team Builder Bonus in our Modere Europe Compensation Plan.

The Team Builder Bonus amounts, along with the rank and associated qualification criteria remain unchanged. However, as of June 2021, we will introduce a grace period in the Team Builder Bonus to all Social Marketers, meaning that when a new rank is achieved, the new payout at that rank will occur* but the highest rank as registered by the system for this bonus will not increase. The second time this new rank is achieved the Social Marketer will then be measured against this new high rank for future Team Builder Bonus payouts.

In keeping with the 60 day notification period, as stated in your Policies & Procedures, the change will go into effect as of the June 2021 volume month, however we wanted to already take the opportunity to provide you with a way to benefit from an exceptional Team Builder Bonus (TBB) RESET applicable as of June.

All Social Marketers who qualify no more than two ranks lower than their highest achieved rank in either March, April or May 2021, will be eligible for the TBB RESET. On qualifying for the TBB RESET their baseline reference rank in the system will become their highest ever achieved rank minus two (2) ranks as of June 2021 for the purposes of the Team Builder Bonus only.

Example: If my highest ever achieved rank was Director 2, then as of June Senior Team Leader becomes my baseline reference rank for the Team Builder Bonus.

For all Social Marketers who do not fulfill the RESET criteria between March and May 2021, the new Team Builder Bonus rules will simply apply as of June 2021, meaning that rank advancement versus the highest ever logged rank in the system will be required to benefit from the new grace period.

 *The applicable EOP requirements must be fulfilled.