Operations team: 

Our operations team here at Modere Europe basically allows for everything to function. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to make your orders on the website, receive your orders, receive the correct information through customer service, win any events or promotions or have rules in place for your activity to be in safe hands. Operations are like the wheels on a car, you can jump into the car, however beautiful it is, but without the wheels you won’t be going anywhere.

The team is composed of 6 big brains.

Ariane, who you might have already heard of or seen at events, leads the team. She basically manages, supervises and keeps the operations team running like clockwork. Ariane keeps the company ticking and cleans up any issues however big or small. Basically, her role is so important it cannot be listed, but to put it simply she maintains balance and stability at Modere Europe. She’s one strong woman!

Then you have John, he is the purchases manager. This means that he oversees all purchases, from our Event Shop Branded Items to shipping boxes, to contracting shipping and storing services for our Modere orders to finding the perfect office for our team. He also follows up on day to day business issues linked to couriers, orders, etc. And, just like you might have seen Ariane at events, he might be a familiar face as he helps support the team at events.

Next we have Nicoleta, our Master Planner. She manages the overall planning of any assigned work cell, this means that she plans out how a job needs to be done. She also analyses and forecasts customer orders and trends to determine the shipping and inventory needs, ensuring a robust demand management process. And last but not least, she makes sure we meet operational and financial goals and policies. Quite the master indeed!

Then we have our business analyst. She analyses our business domain and documents its processes or systems, assessing the business model or its integration with technology. She helps guide us and improve our processes, products, services and software through data analysis. She is ultimately here to resolve any problems or issues with the help of technology. If you spot any mistakes or issues online, just know she has probably spotted them before you and is in the middle of finding a solution.

Dominik is our numbers guy, he builds reports that help us with our day-to-day operations, analyzes and quantifies what is going on in the business and helps shape our business processes. What this extremely important role means, is that he makes sure that all data and numbers from commissions to events, to recognition, to social marketers, to business incentives, to statistics to sales from Modere Europe, are correct and can be used. Without him, there wouldn’t be any information to send out, any events to put on, any sales to share or any competitions to win!

And last but not least is our process coordinator, Mylène. She makes sure our operating activities and processes are correctly followed and improved them if it is needed. She checks that all our work follows the correct procedures so that we can offer consistent answers, logical explanations and work efficiently. Amongst other tasks she works with our customer service team to ensure that they apply the procedures put in place for correct issue resolution, she creates the policies and procedures that must be respected by all Social Marketers when they sign-up and creates any other procedure needed within our business.