Success Team:

The core focus of the Success team is to support our Elite Social Marketers and their teams to achieve a maximum of success with Modere. A team of six skilled staff members each with a specific role help develop all aspects of your business, whichever market in Europe you are in.

Here is a short description of some of the team member’s tasks and roles within the SUCCESS team:

First of all, we would like to present to you Arzu. She is our specialist in all things relating to your commissions and the compensation plan. She works on documents and videos to support your understanding of the compensation plan and undertakes the final checks before commission run to make sure everything is in order and you are being rewarded appropriately for your success.


Next, we have Amandine, who enjoys devising additional ways for you to drive your business. She creates and manages new business promotions, setting new goals for you to reach and keep you motivated throughout the year! On top of this, she makes sure that all your businesses are on the right track in terms of status and paperwork.


You may know and recognize Farah, who helps coordinate all our fantastic events. She’s that soothing voice on the other end of the phone who liaises with our event qualifiers to make sure everything runs smoothly and that you are recognised supremely during Modere events. And finally, as well as taking care of the Italian market, she manages the One Voice Facebook group, providing timely support to Social Marketers around Europe.



Iryna’s core areas of focus are our delivery and customer experience. She keeps an overview of any shipping issues, making sure they are quickly reported and resolved so that our customers have the best possible experience with our products. She also responds to customer reviews helping us learn from what is working well and when the reviews are not so positive finding solutions so that we continue to optimise the Modere customer experience. She also manages the Ukrainian and German markets.


Then we have Fiona who manages most of the content and communications we create and share with you every day on our ShiftingRetail social media and Buzz platforms. She ensures you are up to speed with the right information concerning events, product or business promotions and general communications from Modere Europe concerning your business opportunity. She also works on projects such as the Modere LIFE Training Centre and other upcoming projects to make sure you keep receiving the best tools to succeed in your business.



And last but not least, Matthieu is our Social Marketer Education and Compliance specialist. He’s here to make sure any non-compliant behaviour doesn’t spoil it for all of you who are working hard on a value-based path to success. At Modere we pride ourselves on our values which are intrinsic to ensuring we have an authentic and attractive business opportunity for all. The main thrust of his role is working closely with you to ensure our Social Marketers know to follow core guidelines to ensure a strong and ethical business!