Marketing team :

The primary mission of the marketing department is to promote and deliver an exemplary brand experience for consumers across the diverse European region. Our team of four quirky, imaginative and skilled staff members each have a specific role within the team to develop campaigns, promotions, collections and content. All this, to give you the tools you need to promote your activity and our products proudly.

These tasks are supervised by our Marketing and Communications Manager, Jonathan. Jonathan is the orchestrator of all marketing operations and has a vital role within Modere Europe with duties that encompass a range of creative, analytical and logistical tasks



Product Manager Steve makes sure all products are compliant, ingredients and labels are well registered in all European countries and that product materials are communicated in an informative and legal manner and makes sure the products meet market expectations. If you have any product queries he’s your guy!



Evelien, our Marketing Communications Coordinator makes sure you receive your weekly updates through the Modere memo – and a whole lot more besides, she keeps the Modere Europe Social Media pages updated and supervises the content that is loaded into the website. She also works with operational colleagues to test and deploy product promotions. Most of all, she makes sure that our customers are informed of the latest on all Modere products and keeps the team on track.



Finally, our marketing Coordinator Andi is the creative content generator of the team. She is the one who brings the products and ingredients descriptions to life. She makes sure our customers are informed of the latest ingredients, gives content to our products and makes our information exciting.


And for the rest, we rely on two creative freelance individuals who bring our products and events alive through photography, design and videography.