Mary & John O’Connor achieving Platinum Seller Title in July 2016

Sometimes life can be full of challenges. Imagine having a local telephone line failure and a computer breakdown before the end of the month when you are trying to place orders during Builder Days. This could prevent someone from qualifying at the desired Marketer Rank, as no member of the organisation can be coached from the Modere desk at home.

An unforeseen situation such as this can likely cause most people to concede defeat, however a driven and focussed Social Marketer gives rise to imaginative solutions. If you have the drive, energy and the will to succeed, like Mary & John O’Connor have, you will rise to the challenge, take your car, drive a couple of miles, connect your tablet or mobile phone to the Wi-Fi of a pub, a hotel, or a store – and get your messages out to the people waiting for your input.

And maybe it didn’t result in a Marketer Rank-advance for that Volume Month, but at the end of all their efforts Mary & John O’Connor HAVE reached an outstanding performance and a new goal: the PLATINUM SELLER Title in July 2016.

Modere Europe wishes to congratulate Mary and John for their achievement, but also for their extraordinary endurance and perseverance, as they truly have proven to be Leaders and determined coaches to their organisation.