Life is full of surprises and challenges…

When I realised – a few years ago from now – that I would be able to succeed and even achieve considerable status in the pre-Modere world, I did not hesitate for very long in taking a decision that I have never regretted.

When Modere finally arrived in Europe, my plan of action was thought through: I immediately got in touch again with people who had not yet decided to join, and I checked if my loyal clients needed the new Modere products.

And it is thanks to this motivation that I developed a sound way of working, which allowed me to reach the level of Team Leader as well as the title of GOLD Saleswoman.

Modere is generous with its bonuses and, ABOVE ALL, we are there to serve people by introducing them to a range of products that are safe, healthy and effective. That’s where I get my motivation and my passion, which – I think – are the principal ingredients of this success.

Fabienne Stéphenne, Team Leader, Gold