Laura Curado, Social Marketer and Star Performer

Talent? Determination? Captivating? But also, finesse, delicacy, and softness? The voice of Laura Curado, so fragile, and yet so powerful, knows no bounds. The nominee for The Voice Belgium 2017 not only showed us her talent on stage – but also in her world outside of sound and music, as a proud Modere Social Marketer and a Silver Team Leader.

We were able to admire her expertise during her face care workshop held at our premises, organised at the request of the French national television (RTBF), to film the Social Marketer. She is very interested and aware of current issues especially ecology, and by pampering her fellow singers, she has inspired in them a taste and passion for Modere products.

Yet Laura Curado had never imagined participating in The Voice Belgium, but luckily for all of us, she tried her luck, and now finds herself in the middle of a great adventure. By her own admission, it was an extraordinary experience, especially the duet with Vanessa Issa – culminating into a climatic trio on stage with their coach B.J. Scott: Id = 9477739 & emissionId = 3873

We wish her all the best and every success, not only for her brilliant performance on The Voice Belgium, but also for her promising future as a Social Marketer!