Our Social Retail Conferences (SRC) are a memorable part of everyone’s year, and we think it’s about time we created some more memories together. This coming March, in the south of Paris, it will be time to get together again; to AMPLIFY and take your business to new heights!

Spend two solid days working on your business, learning new skills and tips that will ensure you AMPLIFY yourself and those around you!

But what does AMPLIFY mean? It is the process of making something stronger, bigger, louder, or more important. And there is no-one in a better position to do this than YOU?!

SRC brings together Social Marketers from across Europe to hear and learn from speakers from the corporate team and industry experts, plus be inspired by our most successful Social Marketers from Europe and Modere internationally. You will learn more about our brand, products and strategies that will be launched at SRC and throughout the year ahead. Plus, you get the invaluable opportunity to re-connect with your team in person and all be recognised for your 2022 achievements.

Join us on March 18th and 19th and be a part of the excitement, get first access to new products with our exclusive PRODUCT LAUNCHES, be inspired by our interactive EXPERIENCE AREA. There’s lots going on at Modere this year….and we want you to be there in person to take advantage of all of it.

If you are yet to purchase your ticket… get in quick as they are selling fast!

Tickets available HERE


During the sales period you will have access to 4 ticket types, check them out below :

From October 1st until January 6th grab your EARLY BIRD ticket at the great price of 89,99€/£79,99

You can SAVE EVEN MORE by opting for our special offer “BUY 5 GET 1 FREE” on our early bird tickets, making each ticket a preferential rate of 74,99€/£66,66

From January 7th until March 15th grab your ticket at the price of 119,99€/£109,99

Plus, you can SAVE EVEN MORE by opting for our special offer “BUY 5 GET 1 FREE”, meaning each ticket is then effectively 99,99€/£91,66.

You can purchase your tickets today HERE


  • Two full days of General sessions

  • Keynote speaker presentations

  • Tips & strategies on how to AMPLIFY your business from our Top Social Marketers

  • Learn first hand about our exciting SRC product launches

  • Exclusive access to our Modere Bar serving our liquid nutritionals throughout the event

  • Access to our Limited Edition Event Merchandise Shop

  • Refreshments throughout the 2 days (water, juice & coffee)

  • Be one of the first to “taste” exclusive products

  • A ticket to our Award Show & Party on Saturday night

  • One-On-One time with your Live Clean Community

  • Amazing content opportunities!


The 2023 SRC is being held at the incredible “ Châteauform’ Palais des Congrès Paris Saclay”.

ADDRESS : 19 place du Grand Ouest, 91300 Massy, France



VIP MASTERCLASS – FRIDAY 17TH (VIP qualifiers only)

  • 2 PM till 6:30 PM

    • Exclusive training & insight with Frazer Brookes

    • Exclusive information shared by Modere CEO, Asma Ishaq & Modere Europe corporate team

    • Exclusive training by international leaders

  • 6:30 PM till 8:30PM

    • VIP Cocktail


  • 10:30 AM  Registration & Shop opens

  • 13:00 PM till 18:00 PM GENERAL SESSION

    • Training by Frazer Brookes

    • Product launches

    • CEO Vision

    • Business announcements

    • Trainings by European & international leaders

  • 21:00 PM till 12 AM

    • Award Show


  • 10 AM  Door opens

  • 10:30 AM till 15:00 PM GENERAL SESSION

    • Business announcements

    • Vision & Mindset training

    • Skills & Strategy Training by European & international leaders


At each SRC, the Modere corporate team host an Award Show to recognise our incredible title advancements and incredible achievements for the previous year. The 2023 event will be held on Saturday, 18th March from 9pm – 12am on the first night of SRC.

The following ranks and titles will be recognised during our Award Show:

First time Title advancement Platinum 1-3 in 2022 OR

First time Title advancement Platinum Black 1-3 in 2022 OR

First time Rank advancement Director 1-2-3 and Above in 2022 OR

Qualified Elite 1 or above in 2022 OR


Must have purchased an SRC ticket.


During SRC 2023 you will be able to access exclusive items and products ahead of the crowd, so make sure you save some pennies to treat yourself with some exclusive Modere merch.


VIP qualifiers will receive an invitation by email to confirm their qualification mid February.

To be a VIP qualifier you must have qualified at least once at P3 or D3 & above between October 2022 and January 2023.

As a VIP qualifier you will have privileged access to exclusive announcements and trainings.

You will have an early registration on Friday.

You will be able to take pictures with Jonas Hedberg and Asma Ishaq.

You will have access to the SRC shop ahead of the crowds

You will receive an SRC goodie

You will enjoy a cocktail with your colleagues to get you in the mood for the SRC weekend


If you’ve already joined us for previous SRCs, you’ll know we like to bring everyone together under our theme of the year. One way of doing that is by creating a dress code.

SRC AMPLIFY 2023 is all about the power of nature so we naturally will be suggesting the following dress code :

SRC general session : Business Natural.

Business Natural is our version of Business Casual. This means making an effort not to wear jeans, shorts, short dresses or skirts and ties are optional. Business casual is more about avoiding a list of “don’ts” than following a list of “dos” and can vary slightly depending on style, preference.

For our Business Natural theme we would love if you brought a touch of green to your outfit.

  • Women inspiration here :

  • Men inspiration here :

SRC Awards Show : Green Tie.

Green Tie is our version of Black Tie. It translates to a tuxedo or suit or “long” dress or jumpsuit if you prefer.

Green Tie is obviously an appeal to make a big deal of the evening and celebrate recognition in style.

  • Dress inspiration here :

  • Suit inspiration here ( add a touch of green) :

Let us know in the comments if you already have your outfit for SRC.

*The dress code is recommended and not mandatory as we do not wish to push you into buying attire you do not already possess or wish to acquire.

2023 AMPLIFY Social Retail Conference FAQ

When and where will the 2023 Social Retail Conference take place?

The 2023 Social Retail Conference will take place on 18-19 March 2023 at the Châteauform Palais des Congrès Paris Saclay, Massy, France. You do not want to miss this incredible event!

 Where and until when can I go to register for the event? 

You can register until 15 March 2023 by clicking here.

How much does it cost to register?

There are four distinct ticket types to register for the event that each have their own price:

From October 1st until January 6th the EARLY BIRD ticket at the price of 89,99€/£79,99.

You can SAVE MORE by opting for the special offer “BUY 5 GET 1 FREE” on our early bird tickets, giving a preferential rate of 74,99€/£66,66 per ticket.

From January 7th until March 15th at the price of 119,99€/£109,99.

You can SAVE MORE by opting for our special offer “BUY 5 GET 1 FREE”, giving a preferential rate of meaning each ticket is then effectively 99,99€/£91,66 per ticket.

You can purchase your tickets here.

Is there a deadline on the registration for on-stage recognition?

Social Marketers must register for the SRC event by 10 March 2023 at the latest to be included in the Recognition session.

Is it possible to cancel or transfer a ticket?

Cancellations with a full refund will be accepted through Tuesday, 28 February 2023. Any cancellations on or after Wednesday, 1 March 2023 will no longer be eligible for a refund.

If you wish to transfer your ticket to another participant, you must email your request to by March 15, 2023. In the email request, please state your full name and referral code and the full name and referral code of the person you’d like to transfer your ticket to. As of 1 March 2023, ticket transfers are no longer possible.

What is included in the ticket?

  • Participation in the general sessions

  • Keynote speaker presentations

  • Tips & strategies from our top Social Marketers on how to AMPLIFY your business

  • First hand information about our upcoming product launches

  • Access to our Limited-Edition Event Merchandise Shop

  • Attendance at the Award Show & Party on Saturday night – be sure to ask for a special ticket

  • One-on-one time with the Live Clean Community

  • Amazing social media content opportunities!

  • Exclusive access to the Modere bar serving our liquid nutritionals throughout the event   Refreshments throughout the 2 days (water, juice & coffee)

  • A “taste” of our exclusive new products.

Does the event fee cover hotel accommodation?

No. Further in this FAQ we provide a list of hotels in the vicinity of the 2023 SRC venue.

Will there be special hotel rates? 


Will Modere provide transportation during the event?

All transportation, including to and from the airport or train station of Massy Gare TGV, hotel, and event venue, is the responsibility and at the expense of the Social Marketer. The SRC venue is within walking distance of the hotels listed below and the train station of Massy Gare TGV.

Will Modere be providing any meals during the event?

All meals are the responsibility and at the expense of the Social Marketer. There are many local restaurants around the convention centre, as well as shops, bakeries, etc.

We will serve finger food at the start of the Award Show on Saturday night.

Cocktails with finger food will also be provided at the VIP cocktail evening on 17 March 2023.

Which languages will be supported at the SRC AMPLIFY 2023?

On site  services are available for translation of all presentation and sessions into English, French, German, Dutch, and Czech. Spanish & Italian translation services may be available if there are sufficient participants who need this service.

Translation as per the above will be available via a special app. Please make sure to bring your headsets to listen to the translation on your mobile device.

Where can I find the event agenda?

The schedule will be published as soon as finalised. We will communicate it via email and publish it on Shifting Retail Buzz.

May I invite a guest?

Yes, provided they are at least 18 years of age and are interested in joining Modere as a Social Marketer. We do not provide preferential rates for guest tickets. You will have to purchase a standard SRC event ticket for any guests that wish you accompany you.

Does the partner on my Social Marketer account (“co-applicant”) also need to purchase a ticket?

Yes, all co-applicants will need to register separately and have a ticket to attend the event.

Do I need to purchase a ticket for my child, if they are planning to attend with me?

SRC AMPLIFY 2023 is a business event and individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed attendance.

May I participate in the VIP Training session?

Participation in the VIP Training session depends on your having achieved a qualification of D3 or above or P3 or above at least during one of the following months: October 2022, November 2022, December 2022 or January 2023.

If you are eligible for the VIP Training session, we will send you a personalised invitation.

Attendance at this VIP Training session is for the qualifier only, no guests are allowed.

Are there any hotels in the vicinity of the 2023 SRC venue?

Here is a list of hotels near the venue:

  • Hilton Garden Inn Paris Massy

  • Novotel Massy Palaiseau

  • Hotel Mercure Paris Massy Gare TGV

  • Aparthotel Adagio access Paris Massy Gare TGV

  • Séjours & Affaires Massy Atlantis

  • B&B HOTEL Massy Gare TGV

  • Tulip Inn Massy Palaiseau Residences

  • All Suites Appart Hotel Massy Palaiseau