Our Social Marketers often ask questions about conducting several activities in parallel to their Modere business and the possibilities of any conflict of interest.  We’re grateful for these enquiries and that our Social Marketers are keen to ensure they adopt fair business practices in order to best serve their customers, their team members and to maintain their good standing with Modere.

Here are some additional guidelines:

Can I conduct two network marketing businesses in parallel (even if they have different product ranges or one is a product and the other is a service focussed business)?
Technically speaking you can “work” with another opportunity whilst practicing as a Modere Social Marketer, but in practice it is extremely difficult to do so without creating a conflict, or infringing specific terms of conduct stipulated by each company, since both opportunities would have to be conducted completely separately/independently from one another.

See this reference in Modere Social Marketer Policies & Procedures :

1. During the term of this Agreement Social Marketers shall not “Recruit” (as defined below) other Modere Social Marketers or Customers for any other Direct Sales Company. In connection with this, a Social Marketer shall not act as a spokesperson for, or conduct promotional activities of any nature for, any other Direct Sales Company.
In addition, Social Marketers shall not engage in cold solicitation of Modere Customers with whom they have no personal relationship. Any act by a Social Marketer to entice a Modere Customer away from providing business to, or otherwise participating in Modere with, another Social Marketer is strictly prohibited. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a Modere Social Marketer may conduct market advertising and solicitation, so long as this activity does not specifically target existing Modere Customers.
4. The term “Recruit” means actual or attempted solicitation, enrolment, encouragement, or effort to influence in any other way, either directly, through a third party, or indirectly (including but not limited to, the use of a website or social media), another Modere Social Marketer or Customer to enrol or participate in another Direct Sales Company. This conduct constitutes recruiting even if the Social Marketer’s actions are in response to an enquiry made by another Modere Social Marketer or Customer.

As soon as a Modere Social Marketer breaches any of the clauses in 4.14 CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, Modere is obliged to take action to ensure compliance.

And we urge all Social Marketers contemplating managing two businesses to think of the confusion and unrest it can cause for team members.  They may feel they are being deserted, or that members are trying to cross-recruit and disrupt their organisations.  It can lead to a loss of trust – and  tempt people into similar practices.

We endorse independence and freedom of choice in all walks of life and we are confident that Modere offers a superb business opportunity where both passion and focus offer wonderful opportunities for success.