Haircare buy 4 for the price of 3

We know that many of you are introducing Modere to other business owners – and there are many out there for whom our products and business model sit just perfectly with their activities.

Take haircare professionals for example. They know a great product when they use it, and so do their clients.  They can use a lot of it too…

So get them talking about the Modere Live Clean approach to haircare. Infused with quality ingredients and technologies you can now offer them a great deal on Modere Shampoos and Conditioners. So we have some created some special packs for haircare professionals offering FOUR products for the price of THREE!

So encourage them to try the products, and of course let them know the benefits of opening a Social Marketer account and building their own Modere Customer pod!

Or perhaps you have customers looking to add a few more of their regular Modere shampoo or conditioner to their order.

Choose from: