Congratulations to all of the April Qualifiers in the GLOBAL ACHIEVERS promotion ! You have done a stellar job in your first complete month with Modere!

LEVEL 2 – 300€/£270

Alexandra Letellier Jolet Zijlmans
Andrea Burnand Commons Lara Hall & Mark Bryce
Angela Edwards Liz Wray
Camille Maliè Manuela Chene
Chantal Roinson Marion Bertrand
Geraldine Armengaud Martha Jane  Bradford
Isabelle  Ansart


LEVEL 1 – 140€/ £125

Amandine Baudoin Jancine Davies
Anaïs Launay Jérome Tauzin
Charlene Dessauvages Laetitia Boucaud
Charlie Richmond Leanne Sutherland
Claire Renaudin Lise Sanguedolce
Coralie Copin Ludivine Delre
Daniella Telfer Ludovic Polidori
Donna Dyer Marjorie Noel
Emeline Jusseaume Maud Pasquier
Fanny Petit Morgane Alexandre
Halina Wilczynska Ornella Condemi
Jade Tran Tamura Shelley Jelonek

Whether you hit 1500 points and the 140€ / £125 bonus or 3000 points and the 300€ / £270 bonus we’re really impressed by your efforts !

So if you opened your Social Marketer account in April and you want to be a Global Achiever in May then check out the rules of the Global Achievers promotion and the exciting bonus on offer.