First order Bonus plus 10%

The First Order Bonus Plus 10% is a temporary promotion that will pay an additional 10% on the first order generated by your newly enrolled Social Marketers in that given calendar month.

How to qualify:
The First Order Bonus Plus 10% is paid on a new Social Marketer’s first order to the enrolling sponsor. To be qualified for the First Order Bonus Plus 10% an Enroller must have 150 AP, or 100MP on SmartShip in the given volume month and enrol at least 3 new Social Marketers with combined first order purchases totalling a minimum of 500 MP in a given calendar month.

Of course, if in a calendar month you enrol 4 new Social Marketers with a total of 750MP generated from their first orders, Modere will pay the enrolling sponsor an additional 70.50€/£53.25 (750 x 10% x currency exchange as used in commission calculation).

Please note, the First Order Bonus Plus 10% will be paid in addition, that is separately, to normal commissions but at the same time/date.

February 2017 Qualifiers

Reda Cherrad, France
Mohammed Ifqirne, France
Hilaali Mouniri Mohamed, France
Anaïs Torres, France
Jennyfer Forte, France
Charlotte Disset, France
Julien Sugier, France
Aline Gueret, France
Élodie Cilleros Bonnafous, France
Dylan Barresi, France
Alexis Grandhaye, France
melanie debrock, France
Lisa Gilabert, France
Aurore Guillope, France
Élodie Raimbault, France
Corinne Castells, France
Kevin Galarato, France
Christian Sorbier, France
Odile Chauve, France
Kaluby Junior Mpoyi, France
Emmanuelle Magen, France
Laurie Nowacki, France
Janis Fourré, France
Aimeric Bourgon, France
Rémi Ledé, France